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On our own SKIN, we tried sections D4R7: The problem is bad marking, but that’s not all! –


Many motorists coming from villages near Bratislava breathed a sigh of relief when they learned the latest information – several exits of the zero bypass are already open and the catastrophic traffic situation could finally be resolved. Many have waited for these messages as for salvation – spending hours a day in columns on the way to and from work is not pleasant.

On the last weekend of September, the D4R7 consortium opened the D4 bypass from Bratislava’s Podunajské Biskupíce via the Lužný Bridge to Petržalka or Jaroviec. The journey, which would normally take tens of minutes, takes a maximum of 5 minutes after the new one. However, many were still waiting for the start of the next road – namely the R7 from Šamorín to the center of Bratislava.

Source: FB / D4R7

It was opened last weekend, specifically on Saturday – people traveling from Šamorín can comfortably and especially smoothly get to Bajkalská Street or Mlynské Nivy in a few minutes. Subsequently, on Sunday, the connection of the D4 to the D2 near Jarovce and Petržalka was opened. Thanks to these new sections, drivers heading from the D2 or Austria can directly connect to the already open Lužný Bridge and continue along the D4 to the Bratislava-East (Ivanka West) junction. Likewise, drivers can use the entire R7 from Holice to Niva (Prievoz), “ explained the consortium.


Source: FB / D4R7

Several problems

Over the weekend, however, the mayor of Bratislava, Matúš Vallo, pointed out several problems that the people of Bratislava will have to prepare for. Next weekend, the missing branches of the Prievoz roundel will not be launched, which is essential for traffic in the city, as it is to divide traffic from the new expressway and the D1 in the direction of the center, Petržalka and Ružinov. Next week, traffic on the roundel and Baikal can be complicated, “ wrote on the social network, with the contractor committing himself that the branches should be open next weekend.


Source: FB / D4R7

However, due to possible problems with the connection to the zero bypass from the city center, the capital city council informed the drivers how to get to the R7.In the temporary mode, the connection of traffic from Slovnaftská to the R7 in the direction of Ružinov is still being solved. The vehicles are led to the detour through two so-called turbo roundabouts, not directly on the R7 from the first roundabout, as the definitive solution is designed, “ informed. Drivers have therefore been asked to exercise caution, especially during the first working days.

Bad marking?

However, there were more reports and information from motorists about the problems they had with marking on the zero bypass. That’s why we were to see for ourselves what it looks like on the highway with the new signs. We chose from Šamorín to Petržalka, according to the Waze application we had to go along the R7 to D4 and then connect to D2. However, we didn’t even get to D4. There were several options to choose from on the information boards, which inform motorists where they will go. Bratislava-Ružinov showed straight ahead, Podunajské Biskupice and Vrakuňa to the exit on the D4, Petržalka straight ahead.



So we chose according to the information boards. We did not know that there was another exit behind the turn to the D4 in the direction of Podunajské Biskupice. After this turn, there was no more sign that the exit in the direction of Petržalka was approaching. We headed to the city center – we went in the direction of New Town and the center. We went to Bajkalská, where there were also problems with traffic signs. At Mlynské Nivy, we waited in a column for a while and headed for the Apollo Bridge. After about half an hour we were at the finish line – even with minor problems.



Traffic signs of the Slovak type

However, we are not the only ones who had a problem with this coming from point A to point B. Many praised the new path, but found several shortcomings – bad marking was one of them. One discussant on the social network went via R7 / D4 to Rovinka. “As you approach the D4 intersection, don’t forget to take the turn-off towards Vienna. Do not turn right on the first exit, because you will really reach Vienna and continue straight towards Komárno. Don’t forget to turn off the R7, because you will first come to Rovinka via Dunajská Lužná. So such a classic – traffic signs of the Slovak type, ” he wrote.


Source: FB / Ladislav Nejedly

For people, however, visual aids could be certain “bars” – such as the incinerator on the right – then they would know that it would be time to turn slowly onto the D4, or the concrete barriers on the left. Even under the status of the Bratislava City Hall, several admitted that they had turned badly and mistakenly visited where they did not want to – for example, in Jarovce or Šamorín.


Source: FB / D4R7

“It’s something terrible, you go to the city, you turn 40 times around roundabouts, you spend most of your time feeling like you’re going back. And in the time that a person spends looking for a way out of this maze, I prefer to stand on the old way, where I am at least sure that if I go for 20 minutes in a traffic jam I will go where I want, ” stated one of the discussants. Another described her experience with marking.

Even in the opposite direction

“Today we met the car in the opposite direction on the highway, at about 12:30 exactly in that section just in front of the Harbor Bridge. We didn’t understand how he could get there, but after watching this video, it’s clear to me. It’s badly marked. There is already a chaotic sign on the highway, where to go to Bajkalská and where to go to the bridge to Petržalka from Dunajská Streda, “ pointed out another. The Zomri website informed about another driver in the opposite direction. “Not everyone is focusing on a new bypass,” they wrote under a photo with a car on the way out to Přístavná, which is in the opposite direction.

However, there were several problems with the zero bypass. At first it was said that parts of the D4 and R7 in the direction of Petržalka and Mlynská Niva, but in the end only the D4 opened over the Lužný Bridge, however, motorists from Šamorín and the surrounding area had to turn in a complicated way to get to the Lužný Bridge at all. In addition, the D4R7 consortium has announced that the other branches will open gradually in the coming months.

However, the most important connection from the D4 to the D1 near Triblavin will probably not be so soon – the reason is that the intersection, which would largely divert transit and passenger traffic outside Bratislava, was excluded from the project and its construction has not yet begun. According to the estimates of the competent, we will see the complete D4R7 route in 5 years at the earliest – ie also with the connection to the D1 near Triblavin.


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