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Nations League – Italy – Spain: Gianluigi Donnarumma (PSG), hot return to Milan – Eurosport FR


On August 26, around 7 p.m., Gianluigi Donnarumma must have had a cold sweat. In front of his television, the new goalkeeper of PSG, crowned European champion with Italy a month earlier, then attends the draw for the Champions League. Placed in hat 4, AC Milan, his former club, was then drawn by Michael Essien. Two possible options: Group A, with Paris, precisely, or B. In the mind of the native of Castellammare di Stabia, the desire to find his former team-mates is probably great, he who has kept in touch with most of them.

But his Milan reunion would also mean his big return to San Siro, a stadium whose cages he protected for almost seven years. Problem, the tifosi did not really appreciate his way of leaving. Suffice to say that a possible Milan-PSG would have been a godsend to signify him more or less calmly. Finally, the Rossoneri are sent to Group B, thus preventing “Gigio” from a probable night in hell. Danger avoided … or simply won?

He was very lucky last season …

Nations League – League D

From prodigy son to new idol: Chiesa, the aptly named heir


If Donnarumma will not make (for now) his comeback in Lombardy in the Parisian jersey, he is however preparing to do so with the Italian one. What to change everything? Not sure. This Wednesday evening, with Italy, the 22-year-old goalkeeper will be started by Roberto Mancini, who faces Spain in the semifinals of the Nations League. In Milan, then. Since he will wear the sacred Nazionale jersey there, the one who was voted best player of Euro 2020 should, in theory, be supported by the entire public. But in practice, the evening does not announce itself as well azzurra provided that.

Navas-Donnarumma: A poison for PSG, goalkeepers and Pochettino

Whistles are even easily imaginable for the Parisian doorman, to whom his old tifosi reproach for having left without the slightest recognition. “He was very lucky last season. Due to sanitary restrictions, the stadiums were still behind closed doors, says a connoisseur of the Lombard club. With the soap opera around his extension and the attitude of his agent (Mino Raiola), I let you imagine the reception he would have received at the end of the season …

“Whistles? If that happened, I would be bound to be disappointed”

A free party of AC Milan, Donnarumma, whose value is estimated at 65 million euros according to the specialist site Transfermarkt, tried to ease tensions on Monday. “Whistles? If that happened, I’d be bound to be disappointed, admitted the goalkeeper at a press conference. I have always given everything for Milan. I hope this will all be put aside on Wednesday and it will not happen“But everyone fears the opposite.”The madness is that there is a risk of dispute for Donnarumma, wrote The Gazzetta dello Sport Start of the week. As if the “Notti Magiche” of Euro 2020 had not existed, as if all of Italy had not come down to celebrate the title on July 11 to shout “European Champions!”. Yes that would be madness“.

Touched in their pride, embarrassed by form rather than substance, will the AC Milan supporters present Wednesday night manage to act as if nothing had happened? “You grew up in the team you said you liked, you had all the tifosi behind you, you wore the captain’s armband of this glorious team and, by the time you can play the Champions League with them, you decide to leave for two million euros more, probably for fear of falling into poverty“, quipped on Instagram Luca Lucci, one of the leaders of the Curva Sud Milano, shortly after the departure of Donnarumma.”We do not forget the infamous. Take care when you walk around Milan“even warned a banner hung in Milanello on August 28, still signed by the ultra Milanese group.

What we blame him for is simple, tells us one of its members, who prefers to remain anonymous. Since his arrival in 2013, the club has done everything for him. In 2017, the leaders of the time gave in to all his requests to keep him, from his salary of 6.5 million euros to the arrival of his brother, third goalkeeper who touched one million euros! His agent wanted him to leave, but his family resisted. Raiola never digested it. We are proud of the new management, which has said no to every whim to extend it. That he leaves for PSG, we can understand, it is not the first to leave Milan. Even if from a sporting point of view, there is no reason, since we are also playing C1 this season. But that he does it for free, without bringing any compensation to a club he says he loves so much, no. There are ways to do it. Donnarumma just behaved badly and didn’t respect anyone by leaving that way. And he would like us to applaud him on top of that, is that a joke?

A choice that Italy is still struggling to understand

In competition with Keylor Navas in Paris, Gianluigi Donnarumma, who played his first Champions League match last week against Manchester City (2-0), is regularly talked about in the transalpine press, in addition to social networks, where the Milanese tifosi generally have fun with his photos on the bench. For the Corriere dello Sport, who worried about it last week from the perspective of the Nazionale, “Gigio” feels “sad“and” lonely “in Paris.”He is not shy about it“, even wrote the daily.

Donnarumma is struggling with his situation? “Let him go after his agent rather than PSG”

The Gazzetta dello Sport spoke on his side of a “south american pact“in favor of Keylor Navas, however replacing in the last two matches with PSG.”How do I handle the criticism of my choice to come here? I just want to laugh. I’m happy at PSG, and I laugh when I read all this bullshit about me (…) It’s amazing to play with all these champions“, replied Donnarumma the next day, his eyes still dazzled by his first in C1.

There is no problem. I’m in Paris to play, he insisted Monday at a press conference. I’m here to play and I’m sure everything will be fine, I have no problem with the selection. I continue on my way. I am happy to train with the stars of PSG and to grow in this new challenge. (…) I found a very uniform wardrobe. There are a lot of champions, but we go well together. We train with a smile, with the desire to help each other. “On June 20, in full Euro, the Italian international was (slightly) whistled by Stadio Olimpico on his exit during the match against Wales.

In the Boot, and despite the rivalries between clubs, public opinion has always shifted to the side of AC Milan in this soap opera that has become national. The attitude and firmness of its leaders were also praised by all the transalpine media this summer. In Italy, we would certainly have preferred to see him join Juventus. But the Old Lady, who thought about it for a long time, never made anything happen. Wojciech Szczęsny’s non-transfer has a lot to do with it. The departure of sports director Fabio Paratici from Tottenham and the return of Massimiliano Allegri on the bench too.

In the entourage of the player, it is assured that Donnarumma has no fear of a challenge Wednesday at San Siro. “He’s only 22, but he has the mind of someone much older, we are told. His personality and character have always allowed him to overcome obstacles. It is as if nothing can reach it. He traces his path and follows his destiny. “Indeed, from the nickname” Dollarumma “of 2017 to the fake banknotes thrown on the lawn in the middle of the U21 European Championship, the Parisian goalkeeper has already gone through many difficult times since the start of his career. him Wednesday.

Tuesday, on the eve of this long-awaited Italy-Spain, the Curva Sud sent him a new message: “You will never be welcome in Milan again. Shit man“.

Nations League – League D

Three months after the Euro, Spain is back to the starting point


Qualif. world Cup

Italy slaps

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