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Can you use the dishwasher really effectively? We will advise you on how to take care of it, how to store dishes and what means to use –


The modern dishwasher will undoubtedly facilitate daily operation in the kitchen. In order to use it as effectively as possible, we will advise you on how to store dishes correctly, how to take care of them and how to use cleaning agents and how to dispense them correctly.

Dishwashers and modern households walk hand in hand. A quality dishwasher will not only save you a lot of time that you would otherwise have to devote to laborious hand washing, but will also benefit the planet.

Recent research shows that dishwashers use up to 5 times less water when used properly thanks to intelligent and environmentally friendly programs. First and foremost, you should abandon some old habits, such as rinsing dishes under running water. That may have made sense ten years ago, but today it is almost useless and it only wastes water and your time. Modern dishwashers can also handle properly soiled dishes thanks to special washing systems and programs.

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According to the rules

You can’t just throw the dishes into the dishwasher recklessly. It is important to observe not only the correct placement of the dishes, but also their quantity. If you fill the dishwasher too much, the dishes may not be cleaned properly. Conversely, if you run the dishwasher half empty, the dishes will be washed, but at the cost of wasting water. Store the dishes so that they do not block the shower arms. A large pan or tray in the lower basket can prevent the arm from turning, resulting in imperfectly washed dishes.

Proper care

Each time you put the dishes in the dishwasher, remove all leftover food. Use the correct detergents and follow their dosage as well. Regularly clean the filter under running water and clean it with a sponge with detergent. Give the dishwasher a cleaning cycle once a month. If your appliance does not have it, empty the dishwasher to the highest possible temperature together with a suitable detergent. Use special salt for limescale and polish to protect dishes.

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Choice of cleaning agent

You have several options – multifunctional cleaner, standard cleaner and additives. Multifunctional cleaners usually include products that provide more functions, especially the function of salt and polish. Standard cleaning agents include tablets, gels and powders. The group of additives includes salt, polish, dishwasher cleaner and freshener.
There is a fundamental difference between multifunctional cleaners and standard ones. While the former have a number of functions, including rinsing and salt, they need to be added to the standard ones if necessary.

Proper dosing

When using gels and powders, you will get a perfect result if you follow the recommended dosage, which is stated on the back of the package of each product. The tablets and gelcaps are ready to use as the recommended dose per wash cycle. The dishwasher also includes other dosing chambers as standard, for salt and polish. The light usually informs you about the need to add them.

If you have very hard water (above 21 ° dH), you should also add salt and polish to the multifunctional cleaners. The water station at your place of residence will inform you free of charge about the hardness of the water.

Editorial tips


The built-in dishwasher Miele G 7310 SCi AutoDos is unique thanks to the automatic dosing with the integrated PowerDisk system, which lasts about 20 washing cycles. You don’t have to worry about anything, just load the dishes and start AutoStart. The granulate dissolves quickly and thanks to enzymes and active oxygen, the dishes will be fresh and perfectly clean. Price € 1,649,

Source: Miele


The Bosch SMV8YCX01E built-in dishwasher not only works for your word, but also counts for you. You can control it by voice thanks to compatibility with the Amazon Alexa device, in addition, Home Connect has a tablet counting function. You will also appreciate the PerfectDry function for perfect drying and the Extra Clean Zone, which is used for thorough washing of heavily soiled dishes in the upper basket. Price € 1,445,

An open Bosch dishwasher in a white kitchen

Source: Bosch


The free-standing Candy H CF 3C7LFX dishwasher is suitable for homes where there is no time to spare. In addition to the fast ZOOM wash cycle of 39 minutes, you have 4 more programs and 20 additional programs available in the mobile application, with which you can control the dishwasher via Wi-Fi. Its capacity is 13 sets, which you put in two pull-out baskets.

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The dishwasher allows you to insert the dishes even after the start of the washing cycle, according to the Addish indicator you will know in which phase it is still possible. There is also a function of automatic opening of the Smart Door at the end of the cycle. Price 345 €,

Candy dishwasher open

Source: Candy

It dries perfectly

With the built-in PHILCO PD1367EABIT dishwasher, only 9 liters of water are enough to wash 13 sets of dishes. It has 7 preset programs and a special turbo drying function. The gentle program will ensure gentle washing of cups and porcelain at 40 ° C. You will use an intensive program to wash very dirty dishes. Price 499 €,

Philco open dishwasher

Source: Philco


The built-in dishwasher MORA IM 687 excels in energy efficiency, high efficiency and low water consumption of 9.6 l. With a capacity of 16 sets of dishes, it is also suitable for larger families. The hidden control panel has a button control with a display and many practical functions, such as Quick Wash or ExtraHygiene. Price 499 €,

Modern kitchen with dining area

Source: Gorenje


The built-in FINPUTSAD dishwasher with a width of 45 cm is suitable for smaller spaces and open kitchens. It is quiet and saves energy. It has a function that estimates the amount of dishes inside and their pollution and adjusts the volume of water used accordingly.

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When the program ends, the door will open and remain ajar to allow the dishes to dry as quickly as possible. In addition, with the beam function on the ground, you will always know when the dishwasher is switched on. Price € 449, IKEA

Ikea open dishwasher

Source: IKEA


Dishwasher Electrolux 900 ComfortLift® allows you to raise the lower basket to a comfortable working position and thus facilitate the unloading and loading of dishes. The QuickSelect function also contributes to comfort, where you just set the length of the program and the dishwasher will take care of everything else. There is also an automatic door opening for thorough drying of dishes. Price 1328 €,

A man opens the Electrolux dishwasher

Source: Electrolux


Built-in dishwasher Whirlpool WIO 3T133 PLE in energy class D with intelligent technology 6. SENSE perfectly washes a full dishwasher and removes all dirt, thanks to the unique PowerCleanPro technology. It involves washing heavily soiled pots and pans with pressure nozzles, which also wash vertically placed dishes. Price 579 €,

Whirlpool open dishwasher

Source: Whirlpool

Useful tips

  • Use economical washing cycles.
  • Only switch on the filled dishwasher.
  • Do not rinse the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher.
  • Use air drying.

Text: Miroslava Maceková

Photo: Whirlpool, Electrolux, IKEA, Mora, Philco, Candy, Bosch, Miele, Gorenje

Source: Môj dom magazine


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