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Karin Haydu’s daughter celebrated 18 years. The presenter and actress can be proud of the beautiful Vanessa –


Slovak celebrities

The apple did not fall far from the tree. This is especially clear when looking at one of the most beautiful women in Slovak show business, modetist and actress Karin Haydu, who only recently showed her adult daughter. She looks like she fell out of her eye.

Even though Lothar Haydu she was never one of the celebrities who would tend to discuss her privacy in the media, the fact was that she never hid her daughter. The adorable Vanesa appeared in the world of show business as a little girl – by performing in a television commercial or alongside her mother on various magazine covers. It was already clear then that the girl looked especially like her mother and that she inherited really strong genes. Full lips, big eyes, and last but not least, symmetrical features of her face revealed as a child that one day Vanessa would grow into a beautiful woman.

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Star career

“She received offers for modeling as a 12-year-old. I wouldn’t want to let her into the world at such a young age. He has experience in advertising, series and film. She enjoys taking pictures. We’ll see what direction it takes, ‘‘Karin admitted earlier to Feminity, and Vanessa doesn’t seem to get too involved. However, it would definitely have potential – as it has really become a beautiful woman who will attract attention at first sight.

Just a few days ago, Karin shared photos from her daughter’s adulthood. “My daughter, my love, ” she wrote about the photographs, in which Vanesa in particular took everyone’s breath away. The adorable girl has undoubtedly become a diva who could really make a living from photo modeling.

Among other things, the young beauty tried the role of an actress, but it seems that this direction does not attract her enough to devote herself to him professionally. The fact is, however, that he is currently a star on social networks, where it is watched by more than 7,000 people. If she inherited the potential from her mother in addition to beauty, there can be no doubt that she will also become a star in a career in which a young beauty is still unclear.

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