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The rift between Kollár and a member of the SaS! What was embarrassing? –


When Alojz Baránik (SaS), vice-chairman of the Constitutional Law Committee, stood behind the parliamentary counter, he probably did not even think about what would follow. The rift between him and the Speaker of the Parliament Boris Kollár (We Are Family) resulted in strong words and applause!

After arriving at the lectern, Baránik said: “I have tabled an amendment. We will vote on it first. “ However, Kollár immediately spoke to him, informing the Member that his proposal had not been submitted in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, and therefore he could not vote on it! “You should have spoken in the debate and read it without justification. You justified it. I gave you a chance to put it right, “ Kollár said that Baránik did not do so and therefore he would not vote.

The President of Parliament received a standing ovation in plenary for this. However, this did not leave the SaS MP calm and left the lectern, while he was to continue reading the report. Kollár reacted to this with very harsh words: “This is a really embarrassing gesture.”

Baránik finally returned to the counter with words that the head of parliament apparently did not expect: “With regard to your approach, I have received a number of expert opinions which have confirmed to me that there was nothing in my proposal why there should be no vote.” However, Kollár showed the deputy who is the boss in parliament: “With all due respect, I and not you lead the meeting. I have made this decision in accordance with the Rules of Procedure. “ Kollár suggested to Baránik that he object if he did not like something. He did so, but Parliament did not approve it.

“Folklore” continued with another member of parliament. Kollár called his colleague from the parliamentary club Sme rodina Miloš Svrček to the lectern. How they tried to confiscate the deputies can be found in the gallery.

You can find how Boris Kollár tried to alleviate the situation in the gallery.

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