NewsWorldSeveral stations in Slovakia ended up on digital radio...

Several stations in Slovakia ended up on digital radio – Živé.sk


One of the stations completely ceased operations on the market.

The range of stations available via digital radio (DAB +) is again poorer. The Wave and Radio Fine are no longer spreading in this form.

They have stopped spreading in recent days and it is not yet clear whether this is a temporary or permanent condition. Both stations they have new owners. The wave was bought by Fun Radio and Fine Competitive Express.

From the offer of digital radio Radio Anténa Rock also left. The station has completely stopped broadcasting.

DAB + network from Towercom is distributed by Rádio Slovensko, Rádio Devín, Rádio_FM, Rádio Patria / Rádio Slovakia International, Rádio Junior, Rádio Litera, Rádio Pyramída, Rádio Regina, Rádio Lumen and Rádio Mária. It is accessible from Banská Bystrica (Laskomer), Bratislava (Kamzík), Dunajská Streda, Košice (Heringeš), Žilina (Krížava) and Nitra (Zobor).

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