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Fashion from ‘Gott’ premiere: Widow Ivana elegant, White as a diva, Borhy dazzling –


The name of Karel Gott can still attract. Also for the film premiere. A number of well-known personalities of Czech culture and show business were chosen at the Prague film in honor of the screening of the documentary film Karel.


Lucie Borhyová at the premiere of the documentary film CHARLES in Prague.

The guests did not miss long-term collaborators or close friends of the deceased singer. Well-known ladies showed elegance, formal clothes and, perhaps a little surprisingly, a flood of black.

For example, the widow of Karl Gott Ivan also put on a dress in a dark black tone. The charming mother of two daughters wore a model of long blacks with a decent rounded neckline and transparent balloon sleeves, and although this choice seemed a little sad at first glance, she could not be denied elegance or evening charm. Next to her then appeared young daughters who looked like ordinary teenagers – just dressed for more money than their regular peers. This was confirmed, for example, by stockings from the Gucci workshop or a handbag from the popular Jacquemus brand. However, Gottová also bet on a luxury brand – she was holding a Bottega Veneta handbag in her hands.

Ivana Gottová, Charlotte Ella Gottová, Nelly ...

Lucie Borhyová at the premiere of the documentary film ...

A similarly pompous evening model, a long velvet dress with a hinted sash, long sleeves and a boaty asymmetrical neckline was presented by the Czech photographer and guest of the premiere of the singer Lucie Bílá. In her case, the color black is not so surprising, it has been associated with her career and personal style for many years. White appropriately chose dangling earrings that adequately adorned the area of ​​the face as well as the neck. The hair was made up of waves of hair combed to the side.

Ivana Gottová, Charlotte Ella Gottová, Nelly ... Photo: Profimedia

636608333 Ivana Gottová, Charlotte Ella Gottová, Nelly Sofie Gottová at the premiere of the documentary KAREL in the Slovanský dům cinema in Prague.

The cocktail creation of the popular Czech presenter Lucie Borhyová also made a very similar impression. With the difference that the blonde decided to go with the length of the dress up to her knees. In addition to the ball neckline, he added a more sociable touch to the dress, as well as a material with interwoven glittering thread. The strings of bracelets layered on Borhy’s hand were a little violent, and she could consider the color of her handbag. White looked too contrasting. Exemplary, however, was the make-up with bright red lips and a simple, yet effective hairstyle.

The Czech actress Zlata Adamovská also set the color black, in which case it was perhaps too traditional a cocktail dress with a length to the knees. The chalice sleeves caught on them, and on the contrary, the transparent hem of the fine ruffle disturbed. Wearing golden pumps could have been a good intention, but they looked worn out and it spoiled the impression. See more ladies in our gallery.

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