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Pandora Papers brings another SCANDAL: Putin hid his mistress, she was suddenly rich from fairy tales with fairytale sums! –


Several details were published by the Russian investigative in Pandora Papers Proekt portal, which apparently revealed Putin’s “secret” family for good. The public portal introduced a woman named Svetlana Krivonogičová, who got a lot of money in Putin’s vicinity, from day to day, as she had previously worked as an ordinary cleaner in one of the shops. But everything has changed.

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From inferiority to property

Many now assume that the property and money that Krivonogi later gained has one denominator – a close relationship with Putin. Already in 2003, she bought a luxury apartment for four million dollars at the casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco. She had to do so through a mailbox company. Its name is also associated with a residential complex on the 2nd street in St. Petersburg in the picture below.

Pandora Papers brings another

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Today, Krivonogichova’s assets are to be worth at least $ 14.5 million, it also has a 3% stake in the Russian Bank and also a ski resort in Sochi, where the 2014 Winter Olympics took place.

She was to come to wealth through Putin

The project stands behind the fact that Krivonogičová was supposed to have an affair with Putin as early as the 1990s, and the first sign of wealth and lifestyle change for the aforementioned former cleaner flared up. At the same time, they were to maintain the relationship for several years until her daughter Lujza was born in 2003, while she never published her father’s name in her birth certificate. In the same year he got to the mentioned apartment in Monaco.

Pandora Papers brings another

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They didn’t see her in lectures

Krivonogič’s education is also interesting. She attended the University of Economics and Finance and was in the Department of International Economic Relations, but when her former classmates asked her to describe her, she just shrugged. “I don’t remember ever seeing her in class, nor do I remember seeing her in graduation.” said one of the former students.

Krivonogičová received her diploma in 2000, which is about the same time as her life began to change dramatically. Together with their mother, they left the apartment on Gorokhovaya Street and became the owners of the already mentioned residence in the most sought-after place in St. Petersburg.

Finally, the project claims that the daughter of Louise is also the daughter of today’s Russian President Vladimir Putin. She herself was supposed to provoke speculation about her father’s identity on social networks.

Putin’s alleged daughter named Lujza
Pandora Papers brings another

Source: reprofoto

They got a stop sign in Russia and drove them out

However, it was to be expected that the Proekt website would not last very long in Russia, and the necessary came very quickly. The site was eventually banned there and its editors were forced to go abroad.

According to the ICIJ, Russia is “unduly represented” in the records of the published Pandora Papers case. And so much so that up to 14 percent of end users of the benefits of 27,000 mailbox companies come from there.


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