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Data analysts: It’s extraordinary and scary! Slovakia is again on the first place in Europe –


“So we have Slovakia again on the first place in Europe! This will certainly catch on as “extraordinary news”. Because it is about sacrifices, because it is about deaths, because it is scary. “ say data analysts on the social network.

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As they pointed out, in the growth in the number of deaths in the last two weeks, Slovakia is at the top of the table from all European countries. According to them, Slovakia records an increase compared to other countries by 248 percent, which is up to four times compared to mid-September. Specifically, we increased from 23 victims to 80 in 7 days.

We also wrote articles that we are optimistic that we see DELTA, its course and impacts on Slovakia much more moderately compared to the second wave, the numbers of patients and victims lower. We see it differently and far better than other analysts, but few have noticed. There was and is good news, and who would acknowledge it? analysts ask. They added that they have a good feeling from the development of conjecture.

Source: FB / Data without pathos

What will the real numbers be?

They pointed out that the National Bank of Slovakia today came up with a much more optimistic version than originally thought, while until recently there was talk of twice the number of victims from the second wave. According to analysts, this would mean 25,000 casualties, however, according to data analysts, we just need to cross out the starting two and we will be closer to reality. According to them, there will be “only” about 5,000 victims during the third wave.

However, according to the table, we do not have nearly as many victims as other countries. We only have a higher percentage increase. For example, the second country after Slovakia is the Isle of Man, where they have a 100 percent increase in the number of victims – while last week they had 0 victims, last week it was one victim. The third Hungary has a 69 percent increase – from 35 to 59 victims. So far, Romania has the highest number of victims, where they saw an increase of 43 percent from 858 to 1,227. For example, in Russia they have an increase of 8 percent from 5,683 to 6,122.

Data analysts: It is

Source: TASR / Kristína Mayerová

The problem for the Czech Republic

According to the ECDC table, the epidemiological situation in Slovakia has significantly deteriorated – most of Slovakia is shown in red on the map. The Czech Republic also followed the ECDC map, which from Monday included Slovakia among the so-called red countries – countries with a high risk of infection. According to the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Martin Klus, the situation will be significantly complicated for many Slovaks.

“Therefore, the return from Slovakia to the Czech Republic will also be more difficult from Monday, and in the near future I expect it to be more complicated as well. stated. “Unvaccinated passengers will have to undergo a test when entering Czech territory and go into self-insulation,” Klus added. When returning from a country with a high or very high risk, the PCR test in the Czech Republic is mandatory at first on the fifth, but no later than the 14th day after arrival. Until then, the person concerned must be in self-isolation.

Data analysts: It is

Source: ECDC


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