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It is already clear that Zuzana Plačková will not return to custody! Can he breathe now and live on his old life? –


The prosecutor withdrew his complaint to the Supreme Court. On Thursday, the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic was to decide whether Zuzana Plačková and her husband René would return to custody.

Zuzana Strausz Plačková is not going to prison

After being released from custody, she spoke only sketchyly on Instagram. She mostly came across only the falsity and mischief of the people. She promised to comment more on everything after Thursday’s court decision. However, this will no longer happen.

The prosecutor withdrew the complaint

The Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic will not deal with the detention of influenza Zuzana SP or her husband René S., who are accused within the anti-drug action of the National Criminal Agency.

“Date of the public hearing in the case of René St. and company. is canceled due to the withdrawal of the complaint of the prosecutor of the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s Office against the decision of the judge for the preparatory proceedings of the Specialized Criminal Court in Pezinok, “said the spokesperson of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Alexandra Važanová.

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Zuzana Strausz Plačková

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She will be prosecuted at large

In practice, this means that Zuzana Plačková and her husband will be prosecuted at large. The allegations continue to apply and the reason why the prosecutor decided to withdraw his complaint, the spokeswoman Važanová did not explain.

However, it has been said before that his incriminating evidence against Plačková was weak, at least in comparison with the other six accused who are still in custody.

The judge left the six accused in custody because there were fears of continuing the crime. As he informed portal, Judge in the case of Zuzana Plačková and René Strausz spoke of the absence of evidence to substantiate the reasonable suspicion that they had committed the act for which they had been charged..

Plačková is planning a family and is against drugs

Last week, the NAKA detained 15 people accused by an investigator of the crime of establishing, conspiring and supporting a criminal group, as well as the particularly serious crime of illicit drug and psychotropic substance production. Zuzana Plačková believes that their innocence can be proven.

In her statement, she stated that she has a negative attitude towards drugs, although she does not rule out that she may have used some in the past. Together with René, they have a large enough property and do not need to engage in illegal activities. She also mentioned that she wanted to start a family.

What changes did the influencer make after her release from custody?


Plačková is catching up with big changes in life: New love, living and also a radical sorting of friends!

If you’re interested in Zuzana, check out how she’s changed over the years since working at the Hotel Paradise reality show:


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