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Steve Jobs’ daughter made her modeling debut. The beautiful Eve performed at a show in Paris –


She is beautiful, wise and thanks to her strong menu, she undoubtedly has more offers than her peers. We are talking about the youngest child of computer genius and visionary Steve Jobs, 23-year-old Eva, who is currently conquering the world of show business.

From an early age, Eve had an exemplary relationship with her father. He used to proclaim many times in public that Eve would one day become the owner of Apple or at least a major entrepreneur. Visionary in your youngest child he saw – and it seemed that his daughter had inherited the most from his character. At the time Steve died, Eve was only 13 years old and had a hard time coping with her father’s death. Although many may be contradicted by this, the fact is that the whole family maintained good relations with each other and their bond could not be described in any other way than the word strong.

“Steve tried to have dinner with his family at a large kitchen table every night. He talked to the children about books or history, but also about ordinary things. He never had an iPad or a laptop with him, he didn’t want children to be addicted to these products, ” it is mentioned in a book about a genius who appealed to the education of children, especially for education. It is Eve who is proof that he really succeeded – the beauty entered one of the most prestigious universities, Stanford.

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The world of show business lured her

Although she avoided publicity, especially in her teens, and until recently her life was shrouded in mystery, it seems that the beautiful Eve has decided to change. The blonde has not only become more active on social networks, where more than 220,000 people watch her today, but she has also started accepting offers that many beginning models would envy.

In December last year, she was chosen as the face of her campaign by the cosmetics brand Glossier, which literally met Eve into the modeling world. Based on this, young Jobs was chosen as one of her models by the Coperni brand, which presented itself this year at Paris Fashion Week. The young model showed herself in a tight, neon top and patterned skirt. “I can’t describe in words how extraordinary this collection is. It was an honor for me to be a part of it, ” she thanked on Instagram and it seems that her career does not end here, on the contrary, she is just beginning.

Her stylist indicated that this is by no means the last show where we will see Eva. “Styling for my best friend for her first show, ” she wrote about the shot of Jobs’ daughter, who got to know other brands in Paris, among other things.


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