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CORONAVÍRUS Hospitals are fighting a pandemic: They will limit operations in Žilina, ask for help –


“As of Tuesday, we have only three suspected patients, none of which have been confirmed to have a new coronavirus. The situation within our employees is equally favorable. This is likely to be a positive impact on our employees’ vaccination, which is 84 percent.” Bobocká said.

However, according to her, the number of cases in the region is increasing, as evidenced by the tests, RT-PCR tests at the hospital last week showed a 22 percent positivity of those tested.

The hospital’s healthcare professionals have given almost 23,000 doses of the vaccine since the start of vaccination, and interest in vaccination has risen only minimally at this time. “We believe that the gradual tightening of measures will be an argument so that other citizens may also be able to be vaccinated,“the director of the hospital clarified.

Children are also vaccinated at the hospital, and almost 100 of them have already received the vaccine. “In the case of vaccinations of children aged 12 to 18, parents will have to expect a second dose outside our facility in October.” added Bobocká in this connection.

Source: TASR – Ján Krošlák

A Maltese medical tent was once again built on the hospital premises in Nitra

A Maltese medical tent was once again built on the premises of the University Hospital in Nitra. At the request of the hospital management, it was provided free of charge by the Nitra Maltese Aid Center Slovakia. The tent is needed for those who have to be tested for COVID-19 disease, informed Tibor Ujlacký from Maltese Aid Slovakia – the center of Nitra.

The modular inflatable medical tent has served in the previous two waves of the pandemic as a point of reference for patients with COVID-19. “When we packed it in June, we hoped it wouldn’t be needed anymore. It’s October 2021, and the teaching hospital has once again asked us to help and borrow our tent, which will serve until this pandemic is over. “ stated Ujlacký.

The number of patients with COVID-19 is gradually increasing in the Trnava hospital

After the summer release, the number of patients with confirmed COVID-19 disease began to increase again at the University Hospital Trnava (FN) these days. According to spokesman Matej Martovič, 17 patients were hospitalized on Tuesday, six of whom need the support of artificial lung ventilation. None of the six is ​​vaccinated against the disease.

University Hospital in Trnava

Source: TASR – Lukáš Grinaj

“The youngest hospitalized patient with COVID-19 is 25 years old and the oldest is 76 years old. Since the beginning of September, we have seen five deaths of patients with COVID-19 disease,” added the spokesman.

For example, the hospital had only three patients with the disease and no deaths in June, and in May there were a total of 16 hospitalizations of patients with COVID-19 and 11 deaths in the hospital. During April, a total of 103 people with COVID-19 were admitted, 46 patients died. In March, there are 85 deaths of patients from this disease in the register, and in February 158 deaths, which is the highest number. In January, COVID-19 died at FN 134, in December 82, in November 37 and in October 16 patients.

The hospital in Komárno still manages the pandemic, 7 people are hospitalized

The Agel Hospital in Komárno has so far managed the situation in the region, despite the fact that the onset of the third wave of the pandemic is beginning to manifest itself in an increase in the number of positive patients in the Komárno district. Due to the relatively high vaccination coverage of people in the region, there are few severe cases of COVID-19, but health professionals call on people to follow the measures and personal responsibility of each person.

To date, the hospital registers seven hospitalized patients with the new coronavirus. None of them has a severe course of the disease and does not require a connection to artificial lung ventilation. “Five other patients are suspected, we are waiting for the result of their test for the presence of coronavirus. We have reprofiled beds for the three phases of pandemic development, adequate staffing and technical support, and of course there are enough personal protective equipment.” said Gabriela Filkóová, Deputy Director for Medical and Preventive Care at Agel Komárno Hospital.

Due to the current development of the pandemic, the hospital has entered the second phase of reprofiling. It has 30 beds for patients with COVID-19 with oxygen connection and three beds with connection to artificial lung ventilation. Currently, in addition to the ban on patient visits, the hospital has no restrictions; planned operations are also carried out in proper order. The mobile collection point also continues without restrictions. “Since September, the number of people interested in testing has been increasing every week, and in the last week we have tested about 250 people a day, and the positivity is rising. We’ve caught 22 positives in the last four days, “ evaluated Filkóová.

Komárno Hospital still offers the opportunity to be vaccinated in the vaccination center, which is open every working day from 7.15 to 13.15. Clients over the age of 18 have a choice of vaccine. They can be vaccinated with a two-dose vaccine from Pfizer / Biontech (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or a single-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson (Tuesday, Thursday).

The Žilina hospital is asking for help

The University Hospital with Polyclinic (FNsP) in Žilina asked hospitals with infectious and pulmonary departments to help it deal with the placement of patients with COVID-19. Igor Bízik, the hospital’s medical director, informed about it at a briefing on Tuesday.

On Monday (October 4), the Žilina FNsP convened a crisis staff in connection with a critical deterioration of the situation and the development of the health status of patients with COVID-19. “When there were not so many patients, the hospitals Nové Zámky, Trnava, Banská Bystrica also helped us. But the situation is deteriorating overall. And other hospitals and other regions may have to help again. Currently, 38 people are hospitalized in the covid pavilion and most are in serious condition, “ Bízik said.

VIDEO Crisis staff at the University Hospital with a polyclinic in Žilina

According to hospital spokeswoman Lenka Záteková, the number of admitted patients with COVID-19 began to rise significantly over the past week. “We have admitted 17 new patients since Friday. Three-quarters of the total number of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated. The youngest hospitalized patient is 21 years old, unvaccinated, without associated diagnoses. Unfortunately, seven people have succumbed to the disease in our hospital since early September.” said Záteková.

According to her, most patients in the Žilina region are hospitalized in the Žilina hospital and in the hospital in Čadca. “And both hospitals do not have an infectious or pulmonary ward. We therefore have a big problem with the staff coverage of the covid ward. sick patients with COVID-19, “ the hospital spokeswoman concluded.

They will limit operations in Žilina

They will limit the planned operations at the University Hospital with a polyclinic (FNsP) in Žilina. The reason is the transfer of specialized health professionals from the so-called white wards, who currently provide acute health care to patients with COVID-19. According to the hospital’s spokeswoman Lenka Záteková, births, acute and oncological procedures will be preserved.


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