Tomorrow belongs to us (spoilers): the summary in advance of episode 1028 of Tuesday, October 5 – Télé

In Tomorrow belongs to us, Samuel submits a strange theory to Victoire, while Noor and Gabriel face the vagaries of cohabitation. Sofia decides to run for president of the student council.

Tuesday October 5 in Tomorrow belongs to us, who will welcome a new attractive character, and that will celebrate a wedding on Christmas… Victoire (Solène Hébert comments on recent changes in Tomorrow belongs to us), cannot help but wonder about the identity of the woman she drew all over her room. She is subject to a new attack of auditory hallucinations. When Sandrine (Juliette Tresanini, very sad to leave the series) visits him, she confides in him her fear of being schizophrenic. She also confesses to having the impression of being dead on the operating table: she no longer recognizes herself… If her sister is struggling to comfort her, Samuel knows how to find the words. There’s bound to be an explanation for these hallucinations: she just needs to stop brooding and solve the mystery with him.

Samuel has an amazing theory regarding Victory’s troubles

Distraught, Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui makes revelations about the plot) asks Martin to launch a wanted notice based on Victoire’s drawing. He assures his superior: she did not know how to draw at all, she is as if possessed. He must help her… Martin reminds her that it is impossible to launch an investigation on such foundations. He tries to reason with Georges and advises him to keep his feet on the ground. This is the reason why Georges does not bring a new notebook to Victoire as she had asked him to do. The policeman asks him to fight against his irrepressible need to draw, to fight to regain control of his emotions. Wounded that her companion does not support her, Victoire reproaches her for her lack of confidence. Could the couple separate?

Georges asks William (Kamel Belghazi, who reunited with his former partner Jennifer Lauret on the set) his diagnosis as to the behavior of his partner. According to the internist, Victoire is going through a phase of decompensation. It’s psychological. He also prescribed psychiatric follow-up. After the policeman leaves, Samuel submits another theory to William concerning Victoire. For him, cellular memory is not foreign to the behavior of the patient! It is based in particular on the previous experience with Iris, who received Leila’s heart.

According to his experience and serious articles on the subject, an individual’s memory is not only lodged in the brain of an individual but also in his organs, his skin, his muscles. William is very skeptical. Samuel presents his theory to Victoire, who is at first just as reluctant. But it prompts her to think about the signals and clues that her body is sending her. In the evening, Victoire is subject to a new vision (Check out our theory on this!): she is in the forest, has a tattoo on her arm, and tries to escape an individual wearing a hood. Under the effect of this vision, she finds herself prostrate, under her hospital bed: “Don’t kill me, I don’t want to die!”.

Noor and Gabriel discover each other from a different perspective

After cleaning the living room, Gabriel enter the bathroom without knocking. And surprises a Noor furious at the intrusion, in the shower. He apologizes, assuring her that he didn’t hear the water running. Normal, she was just waxing. Both agree having to find a solution. Noor offers Gabriel to put a lock, but Gabriel, who accuses him of accumulating clichés – it’s not because he’s a guy he knows how to tinker – refuses to do so, at the risk of damage the door. They decide to set up a red and green card system. Not really effective: the box keeps turning over… and Noor surprises Gabriel naked like a worm in the bathroom! The start of a new relationship?

Capture TF1

Charlie and Sofia are in competition again

Irene (Thai Kirby) reminds BTS students that they have the day to run for the BDE election. She suggests to Sofia (Emma Smet) to be a candidate. The young woman agrees, not without eliciting a derogatory comment from Charlie (Clemence Lassalas). While Sofia records her campaign video, the high school plague continues to harass her and assures her that she will be elected for lack of a competitor. To me that she herself does not present herself. No way for her to let Sofia win! She asks Nathan for his help and offers him the job of campaign manager. And immediately film a video where she promises the students multiple evenings, while knocking out Sofia. The latter, furious, receives help from Angie, ulcerated by Charlie’s behavior. For her, Sofia must respond to her competitor by using the same weapons.

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