Against the abandonment of animals, Emmanuel Macron announces new measures – teller report

AMI DES BÊTES – Traveling to a shelter of the Society for the Protection of Animals in Haute-Saône, Emmanuel Macron announced new measures to support shelters and reduce the abandonment of dogs and cats in France.

“We are a country attached to animal welfare, to the animal condition”. As part of Animal Protection Day, President Emmanuel Macron visited the Saint-Adrien refuge in Gray, Haute-Saône and took the opportunity to make new announcements on the protection of pets .

Recalling that 15 million euros of the first recovery plan were dedicated to supporting 300 shelters, the President of the Republic announced that he wanted to double this budget, by adding 15 million euros more to support other structures.

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France, European champion of dog and cat abandonment

Also deploring that France holds the European record for animal abandonment with an average of 100,000 dogs and cats arriving each year in shelters, Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to empower buyers. “We are going to strengthen the sanctions to really be much more dissuasive towards those who abandon their cat or their dog in the wild”, he told reporters during his trip.

In his wake, the Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie has planned by the end of the year a decree prohibiting the purchase of animals on the sly, at the foot of the trucks. He also proposed amendments to the law on animal abuse examined by the Senate on September 30 and October 1, to better regulate online sales and avoid “impulse buying”.

The bill was adopted at first reading by the upper house after the debates, but animal NGOs have denounced the watering down of certain flagship measures. The senators notably returned to the programmed ban on the sale of pets in pet shops, voted by deputies, as well as the ban on wild animals in traveling circuses and dolphinariums.

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Deputies and Senators will now try to find an agreement with a view to rapid final adoption, failing which the Assembly will have the last word.

In France, one in two households has at least one pet, according to a 2018 Facco / Kantar TNS study. That year, 7.6 million dogs and 14.2 million cats were counted. Figures probably increasing, while breeders are overwhelmed with requests since containment.

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