Daniel Craig: this question from Laurent Delahousse which made him very uncomfortable in 8:30 p.m. on Sunday

Daniel Craig was invited from 8:30 pm on Sunday October 3, 2021. On the occasion of the release of the new James Bond, the actor answered questions from Laurent Delahousse. He was also not very comfortable with one of them.

A new time, Daniel Craig don the costume of the famous agent in the new James bond. The film will be in theaters from Wednesday, October 6, 2021. A few days before this highly anticipated release, the actor answered Laurent Delahousse’s questions at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 3, 2021. Only one question put uncomfortable the famous agent. “Daniel Craig, were you the one who wanted Léa Seydoux to come back in this new opus? Is it your initiative that she is still by your side in this new episode?“, Laurent Delahousse asked the actor.

No“, Léa Seydoux hastened to answer, laughing. While Daniel Craig seemed to be embarrassed, she added:”Now he has to say ‘yes’. Say yes. “”Yes“, he joked before answering more seriously:”We wanted to make two films that are linked together but also with all the others. James Bond goes to the horizon with Madeleine at the end of the film Specter. It was a pleasure to have Léa with us, she is a fantastic actress. We all agreed. “While the discomfort was already present on the set of France 2, Laurent Delahousse did not stop there and mentioned Brexit.

Daniel Craig very annoyed by a question from Laurent Delahousse

You know a British spy who is benevolent towards a French woman, in the geopolitical context at the moment, we take. Relations are sometimes strained between Paris and London …“”Oh my God. It is up to me to answer this question?“, asked Daniel Craig”Look, I don’t have much to say about politics. We are in a complicated period all over the world. And our relations with France will quickly return to normal, we need you, friends. “

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