The coalition calls for a change in the election dates: The return of the second round in the local government and the connection of the presidential ones with the European elections! –

They deal with the topic Newswho claim that the Sulíkovci came with everything. The coalition is said to be discussing several changes in the election process and dates.

Elections to higher territorial units would return to the form of two rounds and should also move with the term of the presidential election. At the end of the day, they may also join the European elections.

Trot came up with the idea

In the proposal, the SaS mainly promises to attract voters to the elections to the European Parliament, as these would take place at the same time as the presidential elections. SaS worries that we have long been well below the EU average in participating in the European elections. “We want to increase that shamefully low turnout. Given that these two deadlines overlap, it would be a sin not to take advantage of it.” says the author of this idea himself, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Martin Klus.

Source: Topky – Maarty

The return of the second round in the local elections

The coalition could theoretically approve a return to the previous rules in the local elections, which were changed by the Smer, SNS, Most-Híd coalition a few months before the elections to self-governing regions in 2017. In the case of mayors, however, this would be a novelty. This is the return of the election in the second round. Since the return of this element, the trot has promised greater legitimacy to elected representatives.

“We have strongly criticized the abolition of the second round. And we think that if the second round is introduced for mayors, in terms of the effectiveness of the electoral system, it would be good to extend it to the election of mayors and mayors, so that there are no situations in Slovakia that we have in many cities and urban districts of mayors and mayors with the support of less than 10 percent of voters, “ Klus explains the reasons for the change.

The coalition does not say no

Chairman of the parliamentary group We are family Peter Pčolinský can imagine a discussion about these changes. “We are willing to discuss it, but we will wait for the paragraph wording,” refers to Pčolinský SaS. However, they are a bit more reserved in OĽaNO. “We have to take it over in the parliamentary club and in the presidency,” claims the head of the largest parliamentary club, Michal Šipoš.

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about this idea, and it is about affected, elected people. The mayors and the Association of Towns and Municipalities of Slovakia criticize the step with the introduction of the second round of elections.

The problem is the change a year before the election

The chairman of the association of self-governing regions SK8 and the chairman of the Trnava region Jozef Viskupič (OĽaNO) does not circumvent the introduction of a two-round election and is open to it. Something else is bothering him, namely the period in which this idea comes.

Jozef Viskupič

Source: TASR – Martin Baumann

“I and several representatives of SK8 also think that the rules do not change a year before the elections. It has been resented by several. Even members of the National Council would not like someone to change the rules a year before the elections,” says the Bishop.

The director of the office of the Association of Towns and Municipalities of Slovakia (ZMOS) Michal Kaliňák from the second round is not equally enthusiastic. “It would be much better if the parliament dealt with the fact that it has been violating the European Charter of Local Self-Government for 15 years. It is high time to discuss the graduation of competences in self-government European Union, where district offices are separate from self-government,“Criticizes the idea of ​​Kaliňák.

ZMOS spokesman Michal Kaliňák

Source: PHOTO TASR – Milan Kapusta

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