Audiences: “Murders in Mulhouse” far ahead of “The Voice All Stars”, “Les Grosses Têtes” raise the bar on Fr2 – OZAP

Saturday evening, France 3 is at the head of the hearings with the unpublished television film “Meurtres à Mulhouse”, directed by Delphine Lemoine. Mélanie Maudran (“Un si Grand Soleil”) and François-David Cardonnel (“Koh-Lanta”) joined the cast alongside Willy Rovelli to investigate a murder committed in a former potash mine. The plot held in suspense 4.83 million viewers in watch hearings according to Médiamétrie. The audience share is 24.4% for individuals aged four and over (4+). This is a record since the start of the school year for France 3 for its Saturday fictions.
Last week, “The mysteries of the police school”, also unpublished broadcast, dominated the audiences, bringing together 4.36 million people (23.5% 4+).

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Hearings Saturday: Nagui, Coudray and Lemoine at the highest, female “Paris-Roubaix” …

"Dance with the stars" : Vaimalama Chaves ends his performance in tears on TF1


“Dance with the stars”: Vaimalama Chaves ends his performance in tears on TF1

TF1 is in second place with the entertainment “The Voice, All Stars”, produced by ITV Studios France and hosted by Nikos Aliagas. After the blind auditions, the talents discovered a new event: the cross-battles. The singers coached by Mika, Florent Pagny, Zazie, Patrick Fiori and Jenifer faced each other in front 3.74 million French, or 21.7% audience share. Tele-hooking dominates the commercial target of women purchasing managers under the age of fifty (FRDA-50), with a 29.9% market share.
Last week, the last blind audition session attracted 3.76 million viewers, or 22.9% of the public. The market share had reached 31.7% on the female commercial target.

“Les Grosses Têtes” do better than “The Artist”

France 2 is back on the podium with the entertainment “Les Grosses Têtes”, produced by ADLTV and hosted by Laurent Ruquier. Scheduled following the deprogramming of “The Artist”, the TV version of the show, which hits the mark every afternoon on RTL, has raised the bar with 1.63 million people reunited. Chantal Ladesou, Christine Bravo, Bernard Mabille, Jean Benguigui, Pablo Mira and the other members amused 9.0% of viewers in front of their television last night. The market share on the commercial target is 7.0%.
During its last unpublished broadcast, “Les Grosses tête” made 2.28 million French people laugh, or 10.4% of audience share.

M6 follows with season 3 of the American series “Dr Harrow”, with Ioan Gruffudd. The two unreleased episodes of the evening were watched by 1.41 million viewers. The audience share is 7.3% for people aged four and over and 12.2% for women responsible for purchases under the age of fifty.
Last Saturday, the series captured 8.1% of the public, or 1.47 million people on average between 9:05 p.m. and 10:50 p.m.

As for the other channels, Arte offered the unpublished documentary “Blériot, the impossible crossing”, directed by Vincent Amouroux and Laurent Mizrahi. The aviator’s feat and the construction of the replica of his monoplane fascinated 784,000 historians, or 3.9% of viewers last night.

France 5 follows with a rerun of the magazine “Echappées Belles”, produced by Bô Travail. Ismaël Khelifa embarked 679,000 travelers in Casamance. The “granary of Senegal” delighted 3.4% of the public.
Since the start of the school year, the magazine has gathered an average of 1.18 million viewers and 6.1% audience share.

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The hearings of the evening of Saturday, October 2, 2021:

1- France 3 / “Murders in Mulhouse” (4,834,000 / 24.4%).
2- TF1 / “The Voice All Stars” (3,744,000 / 21.7%).
3- France 2 / “Les Grosses Têtes” (1,629,000 / 9.0%).
4- M6 / “Dr Harrow” (1,408,000 / 7.3%).
5- Arte / “Blériot the impossible crossing” (784,000 / 3.9%).
6- France 5 / “Beautiful getaways” (679,000 / 3.4%).
7- C8 / “Unrecognizable” (613,000 / 3.2%).
8- TMC / “Columbo” (498,000 / 2.6%).
9- W9 / “The little history of France” (388,000 / 2.1%).
10- Canal + / “Castres-Toulon” (377,000 / 1.9%).
11- RMC Découverte / “Return to primary instinct” (350,000 / 1.8%).
12- TF1 Séries Films / “Joséphine, guardian angel” (350,000 / 1.8%).
13- Chérie 25 / “Call the midwife” (312,000 / 1.7%).
14- TFX / “Chroniques criminelles” (283,000 / 1.4%).
15- Gulli / “Kung Fu Panda” (271,000 / 1.3%).
16- CStar / “Customs under high surveillance” (262,000 / 1.4%).
17- RMC Story / “The worst accidents” (228,000 / 1.1%).
18- 6ter / “The Simpsons” (153,000 / 0.8%).
19- NRJ12 / “Modern Family” (139,000 / 0.7%).

Médiamétrie figures

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