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We are still far from the idea of ​​an association of pilots such as exists in certain disciplines, but faced with the recurring problem posed by the bumps on the Circuit of the Americas in Texas, the latter have for once adopted a common position.

According to our information, the most virulent during the Security Commission which was held Friday evening at 5:50 p.m. in Austin were Aleix Espargaro and Francesco Bagnaia, who would have really liked not to race this weekend on the American track. But, although very concerned with the safety problem posed by bumps, most of the pilots had a less brutal position, to which the two aforementioned pilots finally rallied.

It was therefore decided to give a sort of ultimatum to the owners of the circuit built on soft ground: either the route will be resurfaced in its first half, i.e. turns 2 to 10, or there will be no Grand Prix in Austin next year.

According to the words of Francesco Bagnaia at a press conference: “Yes, I spoke to the safety committee but we only decided to ask the COTA to resurface from turn 2 to turn 11, and if they don’t, it’s better not to come back because it’s is too risky. “

Fabio Quartararo then clarified the unanimity and agreement of Dorna: “Yes, the resurfacing from turn 2 to turn 10 has been approved by all the riders, and of course Dorna. “

As a reminder, the Circuit des Amériques was already partially “patched up” in 2018, by planing (and not resurfacing) a dozen areas, as a result of which MotoGP and F1 riders continued to complain, which also led to a partial repair of turns 1 and 9 and of the second half of the circuit before the 2020 season … hence the different asphalts that dot the layout.

Today, barely two years later after the first real complaints, we come back to the same problems as before, which is mainly due to the construction of the circuit in a swampy area: the subsoil is not stabilized and ripples appear here and there over the months, a phenomenon that has been amplified since a major flood in 2015.

The owners of the circuit which today serves as an emblem in the USA are therefore warned: much more important work will have to be undertaken than a simple planing of the bumps, otherwise MotoGP will not go to Texas in 2022. Afterwards everything, the Americans have sent men to the moon: they can make a 5.5 kilometer track smooth …

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