Rising gas and electricity prices: 10 tips to reduce the energy bill – South West

In a context of economic and social crisis, reducing energy-related spending is a financial but also an ecological issue. Here are some tips for a lighter bill

Waste, over-equipment and lack of maintenance considerably increase the energy bill French homes. Even though Prime Minister Jean Castex has announced aid to reduce energy expenditure, such as energy checks or a “Tariff shield”, there are daily actions that can save you money.

Electricity: light bulbs, insulation, eco mode …

For a fireplace that runs on electricity, here are five tips to save money.

Replace halogen bulbs with LEDs
LED bulbs (Light-Emitting Diode or Electroluminescent Diode) consume little electricity and last a long time (up to 40,000 hours), enough to compensate for their price. They appear to be the best home lighting solution. However, choose ones that last more than 20,000 hours and are rated A + or A ++ on the energy label. LED bulbs allow you to play on the color of the light to create atmospheres adapted to the different rooms of the house: from 2,700 to 3,500 Kelvin for the living room and bedrooms and from 3,500 to 4,500 Kelvin for the kitchen or bathroom .

Prefer the “Eco” program for the dishwasher and the washing machine
On your household appliances, you have the possibility of choosing the “Eco” mode, which allows, in the case of the dishwasher or the washing machine, to save water and energy while the duration of the washing machine. cycle is higher than another mode. The soaking and washing time is longer, but the water is cooler and the devices consume less electricity.

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Disconnect the electronics
TV, game consoles, computers, boxes… all these electronic devices consume a lot of energy. Instead of ever larger televisions, prefer smaller screens. It is also recommended not to leave computers and game consoles plugged in when not in use. Do you know how much an internet box consumes? Some 200 kWh per year, or as much as a washing machine. The box sometimes remains on 24 hours a day, it is better to turn it off when not in use.

Save hot water
Doing the dishes, washing the vegetables or washing your hands in hot water, it is not very interesting, cold water is quite suitable. There are also flow reducers that can be put on the taps and allow you to save up to 75% water. Save hot water by choosing showers over baths, and remember to set your water heater between 55 and 60 degrees, which prevents the growth of bacteria or the formation of scale. In addition to saving energy, you will save equipment.

Insulation: this energy gap
Finally, this advice also applies to fireplaces that heat with gas. Insulation is often the black point of housing. In a poorly insulated home, the heat produced is quickly lost. It is therefore advisable to insulate the roof, walls (interior and / or exterior), low floors and windows to prevent your home from becoming an energy strainer. Several aids exist if you want to renovate a property and insulate it: 1 euro insulation from Effy, MyPrimeRenov ‘, etc.

Gas: kitchen, auxiliary heating, comparative …

For a gas fireplace, here are five tips to cut the bill.

Cook smart and save money
A gas stove often has many advantages. It is faster than electric hobs and above all more energy efficient. Be careful, however, you can further reduce your bill by using pans and saucepans with the same diameter as the hotplates. Covering pots would save three times the energy, as would using the right utensils for what you are cooking. A pressure cooker, for example, is up to 60% more economical than casseroles.

Clean your gas stove
For better performance and savings, it is also essential to check the condition of the gas stove burners. It is advisable to adjust and clean them regularly to ensure better performance and avoid overconsumption of gas. The flame should be blue and sharp. A yellow flame reflects a lack of oxygen and therefore indicates that your burners are clogged.

Natural gas
Even though the price of natural gas or town gas has increased and will probably continue to rise, it remains the most attractive energy. Less expensive than propane, it avoids, if you can be connected to the distribution network, investing in money and space to put a propane gas storage tank. If you cannot use town gas, it is advisable to order propane gas between May and September to take advantage of a reduced rate. Also, you can also provide your home with an additional energy source such as solar panels.

A backup heating system
In addition to solar panels, wood heating can be an energy saving solution. Stoves can run on wood or pellets and can help lower the electricity bill by heating either the entire home or part of it to save electricity or gas.

Compare rates
Finally, and this also applies to homes powered by electricity, you can compare the prices of gas suppliers. To reduce the bill, it is important to choose the right energy supplier to take advantage of the cheapest rate.

With these few daily actions to save energy and the attractive prices offered by suppliers, electricity and gas bills should be less expensive.

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