In Brazil, many protests to demand the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro

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At the call of left movements and parties, tens of thousands of Brazilians demonstrated on Saturday in some 84 cities across the country to demand the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro. Some right-wing and center-right leaders have taken their places in the parades to denounce the consequences of the economic crisis in the country.

Tens of thousands of Brazilians demonstrated, Saturday, October 2, in several cities of the country, at the call of left movements and parties, to once again demand the dismissal of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro and denounce the increases in the Cost of life.

The most important rallies were held in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or Brasilia at the call of the “National Bolsonaro Out Campaign”, supported by a dozen left-wing parties and numerous central labor centers.

If these calls for demonstrations were launched in 167 cities of the country, a count of the Brazilian press indicates that rallies were held in 24 of the 27 states of Brazil and in 84 cities, including 14 state capitals.

Some right-wing and center-right leaders took their places in the parades to denounce the consequences of the economic crisis in the country, although not necessarily supporting the call for impeachment.

“He fills Brazil with shame”

In the central Candelaria district of Rio de Janeiro, hundreds of people marched shouting “Bolsonaro outside”, a slogan also inscribed on many banners.

“We will release it, the bet of people here in the streets is to pressure parliamentarians to demand the dismissal of Bolsonaro,” Elizabeth Simoes, a 69-year-old retired teacher told AFP.

More than a hundred petitions calling for this dismissal are pending in the Chamber of Deputies, but its president Arthur Lira, a government ally, is not following through.

The Supreme Court has also ordered the opening of several investigations against Jair Bolsonaro and his relatives, in particular for the dissemination of false information.

In Sao Paulo, tens of thousands of people gathered in the afternoon on central Paulista Avenue, where potential presidential candidates like Ciro Gomes, leader of the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), gathered. third position in 2018.

“Bolsonaro is destroying the national economy,” said the center-left politician, calling for unity. “It fills Brazil with shame abroad and is responsible for the deaths of nearly 600,000 Brazilians” from Covid-19.

In Brasilia, hundreds of demonstrators gathered on the Esplanade des Ministries.

“The people are hungry”

Previous protests led by leftist movements aimed to demand the dismissal of Bolsonaro for his chaotic handling of the pandemic, which has left nearly 600,000 dead. On Saturday were also heard complaints against rising prices for food, gas and fuel, as well as the 14.1 million unemployed.

“The people are hungry and we can no longer support this government,” Isadora Lessa, 22, said in Rio.

“Let him know that he is not unanimous, that he will have a hard time getting re-elected. If he is not removed, he will lose the elections in 2022,” said Marcelo Werneck, who wished to take to the streets in Rio in tribute to the “friends and family” who died from Covid-19.

One year before the presidential election, a poll carried out in mid-September by the Datafolha institute gave 26% to the far-right president in the first round against 44% for Lula.

The many red flags of the Workers’ Party (PT) of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2010) were visible, along with those of many other left and center organizations, Brazilian flags which traditionally predominate during the marches. of support to the president.

On September 7, massive rallies in Brasilia and Sao Paulo had gathered 125,000 supporters of Jair Bolsonaro. More than what the left managed to bring together this Saturday in the two regional capitals.

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