Iraq: a few days before the elections, new demonstrations against the power

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Two years after the anti-power movement that rocked Iraq, and a few days before the early legislative elections of October 10, Iraqis gathered in Tahrir Square on Friday to show that the protest continues. They say they “trust no one”, and call for a boycott of the ballot.

In Iraq, demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square on Friday, October 1, two years after the anti-power movement that rocked the country at the end of 2019 and early 2020. A few days before the early legislative elections, scheduled for October 10, these Iraqis want to show that protests continue in the country. Many of them call for boycott of the ballot.

“We want to show the world that we are still here to change this corrupt regime,” Ali Nalthum, a protester, told France 24. “This is our third year of protest and we really need to change this government that destroyed our country.”

On the signs carried by the protesters, the faces of Iraqis, killed or kidnapped in the past two years. Most of the attackers have never been found.

“We need to know who killed the 800 dead demonstrators, and all those who were kidnapped without knowing what happened to them,” claims Teeba, a protester.

Sunday’s poll is one of the few concessions in power to calm the streets. But two years later, many will not participate. “I don’t trust anyone,” Teeba continues. “There is no one I can trust, I don’t want to vote for anyone.”

Make “a real change”

As observers across the country fear a record abstention, the country’s top Shiite authority, Ayatollah Ali Sistani, broke his silence this week. The latter urges the Iraqis to go to the polls, and to operate “a real change in power”.

“We reject what he said, Ali Sistani should not say anything,” said Hassan, another protester, at the microphone of France 24. “He supports the demonstrations, so he should not say to vote for these same faces and those same old parties. “

The police are ready to intervene.

In 2019, the demonstrators never managed to cross the lines to access Parliament and make their voices heard. So there is little chance that they will use the ballot box as an alternative.

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