London Police Warn Women After Sarah Everard Killing: Be Wary Of Plainclothes Officers Who Move On Their Own

(CNN) – The London Metropolitan Police have given advice to women who are approached by lone police officers after the asession of Sarah Everard, among them, they must run “to a house”, “signal a bus” or call the police at 999 if they do not believe that the agent is “who he claims to be” after questioning her.

Prosecutors stated that Everard was on his way to his London home on March 3 when the police officer Wayne Couzens – then on active duty – He used his police identification and his handcuffs to trick her into getting her into his car on the pretext that he had violated health regulations against covid-19. That same night he raped her and strangled her with his police belt.

Patrols in civilian clothes

At a press conference on Thursday, Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Nick Ephgrave stated: “Most Metropolitan Police officers patrol and carry out their work in uniform in the company of other policemen.”

This undated file photo issued by the London Metropolitan Police shows Sarah Everard. (Credit: London Metropolitan Police via AP)

He added that although officers sometimes patrol in plain clothes, officers who work in this way are “almost invariably … deployed in pairs or larger groups.”

“It is very unusual for a plainclothes police officer to deploy alone, and even more unusual for him to associate with a member of the public on his own,” Ephgrave said.

Police added in a written statement on Thursday that if someone is approached by a plainclothes agent who is alone, they should “seek further assurances about the identification and intentions of that agent,” asking “some very probing questions to that agent. “

Recommendations for a suspicious case

Recommended questions are: “Where are your colleagues? Where are you coming from? Why are you here? Exactly why are you stopping or talking to me?”

The statement adds that the people approached should “try to seek some independent verification of what they say, if they have a radio ask to hear the voice of the operator, even ask to speak through the radio with the operator to say who you are and to verify that you are with a genuine agent, acting legitimately. “

A police officer stands in a cordon on Consort Road where they are investigating the shooting of Sasha Johnson, on May 24, 2021, in London. (Credit: Chris J Ratcliffe / Getty Images)

“If after all that you feel in real and imminent danger and you do not believe that the agent is who he claims to be, for whatever reason, then I would say that you should seek help: yelling at a passerby, running to a house, calling a door, beckoning a bus to get off or, if you are in a position to do so, by calling 999. “

However, the Metropolitan Police has been criticized by some groups for the defense of women’s rights and opposition parliamentarians for these councils.

Criticism of the London Police

“The London Police statement, and this council in particular, shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the issue of women’s safety with the police. It does not even acknowledge the enormous power imbalance between a police officer and the individual. which he detains, “said the Women’s Equality Party on Twitter.

A Liberal Democrat councilor from the London Borough of Sutton, Jenny Batt, tweeted: “The fact that the Metropolitan Police issued this advice shows how much they have failed and how much trust and legitimacy they have lost among women. the light on Couzens and his interactions with other officers exacerbates the situation. We need a full review of the police investigation procedures. “

“After his arrest, unsurprisingly, we reviewed the investigation [de Couzens]. This review confirmed that it had passed the investigation processes. However, it was also discovered that one of the checks may not have been carried out correctly, “police said in a press release Thursday.

They arrest the alleged femicide of Jessica González 4:04

Opposition Labor MP Angela Rayner tweeted in response to the advice: “What’s happening at the top of the Metropolitan Police? Give me strength.”

The government’s response

On Friday, Britain’s Minister for Criminal and Police Affairs also said people should question a plainclothes officer and, when in doubt, call the police, as the service faces a wave of public mistrust following the murder of Sarah Everard.

Speaking to Sky News, Kit Malthouse said: “If anyone has a question about a police officer, obviously they should ask them what he is doing and why he is doing it. If there is any question, they should ask to speak to the control room using the agent’s radio or if in doubt call 999 and ask a question. “

Agents “rarely deploy alone” and it would be “perfectly reasonable” for anyone who is approached by a solo agent to “seek reassurance,” he said. “I’m afraid that’s where we’ve come to,” he added.

The minister also defended the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, who is being pressured to resign, given the misconduct of the body under her supervision, in particular in the handling of the Everard case and the response of the Police.

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