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“Dying Can Wait”, James Bond’s 25th cinema adventure, will be released this Wednesday, October 6 in our theaters. Did you know that Daniel Craig and Sean Connery (Agent 007’s very first performer) have a common ancestor?

Almost 60 years ago, Sean Connery gave the famous British spy his very first steps in the cinema in James Bond against Dr No, before lending him his features 6 other times on the big screen (including Never again). This Wednesday, October 6, Daniel Craig will in turn say goodbye to 007 by playing him for the fifth time in Dying Can Wait.

But besides the fact of having donned the costume of James Bond, the first and the last interpreter of the secret agent have another most astonishing point in common. Indeed, as we recently learned thanks to the meticulous work of Geneanet, Europe’s leading online genealogy site, Sean Connery and Daniel Craig share family ties … very distant.

As long as we go back to the 15th century (i.e. the 18th generation), we can indeed see that the two actors have ancestors in common: the so-called Jean Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset, who lived between 1373 and 1410, and Marguerite Holland, who lived between 1385 and 1439.

MGM / Universal Pictures International France

To discover in detail the genealogy of Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, do not hesitate to consult directly the dedicated page on the Geneanet website.

Will we one day find out that George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan are also very distant cousins, and that all of the performers of 007 are in fact from the same lineage?

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