Russia, Romanov heir marries the Italian Bettarini

A descendant of Emperor Nicholas II, Grand Duke George Mikhailovic Romanov, married the Italian Rebecca Virginia Bettarini in what is described as the first royal wedding in Russia since the Bolshevik revolution. The ceremony took place in St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg, now a museum that only occasionally hosts religious ceremonies. “St. Petersburg is the history of Russia and the history of the Romanov family,” said the groom. Giorge and Rebecca have been engaged for ten years but to get married they had to overcome the obstacle of the Law of Succession to the Russian Throne, which requires the heir to marry a Princess. Fabergé wedding rings, Sicilian wine, and catering provided by Evgheny Prigozhin, the businessman linked to the Kremlin and the Wagner company of Russian contractors deployed in several African countries, reports the St. Petersburg news site, . The bride’s dress was signed by the designer Reem Acra (but the sources do not agree, some speak of an Italian designer) and the tiara by Chaumet. 1,500 guests celebrated the bride and groom, including 50 European royalty. Also present was the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. Included in the guest list, the billionaire close to the Orthodox Church and more conservative European circles, Kontantin Malofeyev. Only a third of the guests were admitted to the next-level, more exclusive celebrations, which took place at the city’s Ethnographic Museum, founded by Nicholas II. George Romanov, 40, was born in Madrid to Grand Duchess Maria Romanova, self-proclaimed heir to the imperial throne of Russia, and to the Prussian Prince Franz Wilhelm of Hohenzollern. He spent most of his life in Spain and France before visiting Russia for the first time in 1992 with his grandfather, Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich, first cousin of Nicholas II, who fled Russia during the revolution and later declared himself emperor in exile. George worked in the European Parliament and the European Commission and was an advisor to the director of Norilsk Nickel. He got engaged in Brussels to Bettarini, who converted to Russian orthodoxy last year. During a visit to Milan in 2016, according to the chronicles of the time, it seems that he had close relations with Lombardy Russia, the association of the Northern League player Gianluca Savoini. Bettarini, 39, daughter of Ambassador Roberto Bettarini, traveled extensively with her family but then returned to Rome to study and then to work in Finmeccanica. He subsequently carried out activities to promote humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Europe. And she is also a writer of spysories.

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