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HC Slovan Bratislava had an ideal start to the new season of the extra league, in the first match, after a dominant performance, he managed with Dukla Trenčín 4: 1. However, the joy of winning did not last long.

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Already after the match, information began to appear that the Bratislava club had violated the rule about young players on the roster. There must be two U20 players on it, otherwise the team must leave two seats empty.

However, the Slavs put an extra player into the match and yesterday they were punished for it by the League Council, which took away three points from them, but did not credit them to Trenčín. “We are disappointed and disappointed with the decision of the League Council of the Extraliga. We cannot avoid the impression that Slovan is really lying in the stomach of someone in the Slovak hockey movement. For almost identical mistakes in the recent past, other warnings were imposed on other clubs, they took the Slavs three points from the match, in which he clearly dominated, “ it is stated in the opinion on the club’s website, which appeals against the decision.

He rejects the fact that they did not know about the new directive, as it was changed at the last minute and the information reached them late. Previously, the rule was that it was enough to have one player U20 and one U21, which Slovan would meet.

“It is clear from the whole case above the sun that Slovan did not intentionally create a theoretical advantage in the form of the deployment of one older player. Although the Association of Professional Hockey Clubs (APHK) itself claims that it decided to change the relevant directive at the beginning of the summer, our club, which is not a member of the APHK but is a legitimate participant in the extra league, has not formally or informally informed about it. ” the opinion continues, which shows the still unrelenting dispute with the APHK, of which Slovan is not a part.

In addition to the association, the Bratislava club also has comments on the decisions and functioning of the association. “The Slovak Ice Hockey Association itself officially decided to change the directive only 48 hours before the opening match and informed about it by e-mail per rollam less than 24 hours before the match. No matter what you think about the level of communication of the association, it is astonishing and highly unprofessional to decide on such an important thing, which influences the strategy of creating each club before the new season, a few hours before the start of the competition. “

HC Slovan Bratislava – HK Dukla Trencin

Source: TASR

According to the Slavists, similar cases and mistakes in the lists could be prevented, they also gave specific examples where this works. “If the association wants to intervene in such cases and influence the results of the competition by taking points, it should arrange as soon as possible that the team’s rosters operate in electronic mode and automatically prevent the entry of unauthorized players into the roster, which is common practice in the KHL, Champions Hockey League, but also to most of Europe’s top competitions, which Slovakia wants to get closer to. “

They also argue that they have a B-team in the 1st Slovak Hockey League, where many young players play, and they would have no problem putting them into an extra league match.

“Before the start of the hockey season, Slovan and its new owners demonstrated their attitude to the needs of the national team in a eloquent way, investing several hundred thousand euros in the creation of the B team. His average age is less than 22 years. At the same time as the Slovan – Trenčín extra-league match, 10 players with U20 status for the B team of the Blue Wings of Slovan entered the Tipos SHL match in nearby Trnava. If HC SLOVAN’s management were aware of the changed directive, it would be absolutely no problem to withdraw at least one of these players to the A team. “

At the end of the opinion, the Bratislava club also added a link. “In the end, just a message to the fans of Slovan, but also to others who don’t need our club: maybe many of today’s decisions of the League Council made an early Christmas, but Slovan will quickly shake off this case and come back stronger.”

Dukla Trenčín also commented on the case >>

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