The 5 things you should know this October 1: US Congress avoids the government shutdown

Should you get a covid-19 booster now? An expert responds. The economy during Biden’s tenure, better than we thought and worse than we expected. The Nobel Prize in science is coming. This is what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


US Congress approves measure to avoid government shutdown

The Senate and the House of Representatives approved a provisional financing bill on Thursday to avoid a shutdown of the United States Government. With the measure, which received the support of some Republicans, lGovernment funds were extended until December 3.


Should you get a booster shot now?

There are many questions surrounding the booster dose of the covid-19 vaccine following the new guidance from the United States health authorities. Who can receive it? If you are eligible, should you rush to get vaccinated? What should you take into account in your decision process? And what about those who received the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines? An expert responds.

CDC: Covid-19 booster doses are well tolerated 1:44


Biden’s economy, better than we thought and worse than we expected

President Joe Biden’s first full quarter score in economics? Good, but not great. Gross domestic product, the broadest measure of economic activity, grew at a rate of 6.7% between April and June, slightly higher than previously estimated, but below expectations. Anneken Tape Analysis.

Delta variant prevents US economy from recovering 0:54


The coca-growing conflict in Bolivia worsens with new clashes

In Bolivia, clashes returned between coca growers from the Yungas of La Paz, opponents of the government of President Luis Arce, and the police. The conflict has left several injured, including coca growers and police, and dozens of detainees. Police used tear gas to disperse the mobilized and the coca growers had devices with dynamite, according to authorities.

The indigenous march in defense of their territories advances 1:13


All eyes are on the Nobel laureates in science. This is what you should know

The pandemic has drawn our attention to the role science plays in society like never before, and the pace of scientific discovery has been dizzying. Next week, the brightest minds in physics, chemistry and medicine will be honored when the Nobel Prizes are announced, the pinnacle of scientific achievement.

At coffee time

Which countries apply Sputnik V? Russian vaccine leaves millions in Latin America who want to travel to the US in a bind

The US decision to allow only foreigners fully vaccinated with drugs authorized by the WHO to enter the country would leave out, at least for the moment, to millions of Latin Americans who received Sputnik V.

The WHO still does not authorize the Sputnik V vaccine, why? 2:41

Back and hip stretches for more comfortable sleep

Does your back hurt when you lie down or do your hips feel tight when you roll on your side? Expert Stephanie Mansour shows you here some very simple stretching exercises that will help you sleep more comfortably.

Study: exercise in pandemic improves mental health 0:37

From Oaxaca to the world: meet the Hispanic jeweler who triumphs in Hollywood

“It is a ‘funky’ work, but elegant,” says Federico Jiménez, a Mexican jeweler who has been recognized for his work and whose pieces are now worn by various Hollywood stars. Jimenez spoke to CNN about how he overcame poverty, discrimination, and became successful.

Federico Jiménez, a Hispanic jeweler who fell in love with Hollywood 3:37

Dollar Tree will sell products for more than US $ 1

For decades, Dollar Tree has sold most of its products for one dollar. Now you are adding products at higher prices in thousands of stores. This is your new strategy.

Dollar Tree will sell products for more than a dollar 0:40

Princess Diana’s former London apartment is now an official tourist spot

The London apartment where Diana Spencer lived before becoming Princess of Wales has been highlighted with a blue plaque making it an official tourist site, following a successful campaign led by the London Assembly.

Diana’s apartment is turned into a tourist site 0:49

The number of the day

550 points

Wall Street recorded its worst month of the year in September and ended its last trading day of the quarter in the red: the Dow fell 1.6%, or nearly 550 points, amid multiple pressures facing investors.

Quote of the day

“There will be a lot of disappointment about the law, a huge amount”

Days before the start of a tumultuous new term, and after Supreme Court justices had divided positions on a Texas law that bans most abortions after six weeks, Magistrate Sonia Sotomayor warned about the frustration of having to write dissent.

Day selection

Tips to start your podcast and the best team to do it

This is all you need to start recording your stories. What’s more, podcasters professionals give a series of tips to achieve this.

And to finish…

This Amazon delivery went hilariously wrong … and went through the roof

See why this Amazon installment came out amusingly 2:02

How is it that a delivery man Amazon accidentally threw a package on the roof? A security camera in the house captured the moment in which an insect appears to bother the man. See in this video what the customers did afterwards to download the package.

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