This hasn’t happened in Superstar yet! Aliens and mischievous jokes from the jury –

The casting phase of the current year of Superstar has moved into its second half! On Friday night, Markíza TV will present another episode and there will be something to watch!


Patrícia Pagáčová will experience hard moments when her colleagues from the jury join her …

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The fifth episode of the seventh series of the federal version will be on the program, and the jury will once again be presented by several candidates who are interested in a prestigious singing title, as well as a fabulous prize worth 75,000 euros. Again, it will be a mix of contestants who will take the jury’s breath away, in the best sense of the word, and they will not spare praise, or even progress to the finals.

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One of such adepts will be Milan, who arrived at a casting with his own theory of extraterrestrial life. This topic has not yet been shaken in Superstar. Until now! And it will be a really bizarre conversation. The jurors started talking to him about the aliens that Milan believes are among us. Specifically, he talked about a race called the Pleiadians, which hovers over us like guardian angels and affects our lives.

The juror is in embarrassment!

Singer Libor also caused controversy in the jury. “Libor, I’ve been thinking all along about reminding me of Prince Krason of Shrek. It also seemed to me that you were counting on it, “said Patrícia, who was immediately dressed by Paľo Habera and Leoš Mareš. Patricia struggled to find the words to respond appropriately to her colleagues. The mischievous remarks derailed her. Judge for yourself! Watch an exclusive tasting from the latest Superstar episode!

The jury was also preceded by the musical talent Jakub, who is also a composer and has already managed to write two songs for the legendary Hana Zagarová on her album. But now comes his moment. Does he have a chance to shine and work in the spotlight?

Did he teach him to sing the internet?

The Internet is a place where you can find a lot of useful advice and instructions. Adam Pňaček, who learned to sing from the Internet, also knows about it. He decided to show his new experience to the star jury as well. He did not forget to add that his goal is to get on foreign stages as well, for example in Hungary. Will he be able to attract the jury?

The fifth episode of Superstar is already available to subscribers of the Voyo streaming platform, you will see it on the screens of Markíza TV this Friday at 20:30!

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