VIDEO Completion of the murder that shook Britain: A policeman raped the beautiful Sarah († 33) and burned her body! –

The worst fears have been confirmed: The remains found belong to Sarah Everard, according to British police

The 48-year-old police officer, who worked as a police officer, kidnapped 33-year-old Everard in March this year as she was returning home from Clapham, London, to Brixton at night. The prosecutor described in court that he had used a lie: he showed the woman his ID card, pretended to arrest her for violating the quarantine measures against covid-19, and then put her in a rented car with handcuffs. Then he took her to a remote place where he raped her, strangled her and burned her body.

According to the prosecutor’s office, a couple who passed by in a car witnessed the abduction. The couple thought they were watching a police officer arresting someone. Prosecutor Tom Little also stressed that Couzens had rented a car from a rental company before the act, which, according to the indictment, indicates that he planned to use the car to kidnap and rape a lonely woman. “His activities corresponded to the defendant searching for, or hunting for, a lonely young woman to kidnap and rape her, which is exactly what he did.” said Little.

The Everard family also spoke in court on Wednesday. Her parents and sister asked Couzens to look at them as they spoke, the AP agency wrote. “No punishment you receive will ever equal the pain and torture you have inflicted on us,” the father of the murdered woman told him. “I’m tormented by thoughts of what you’ve suffered,” the mother said. “He treated my daughter as if she were nothing and got rid of her as if she were a waste,” she added.

The judge gave a clear speech

Couzens’s lawyer asked the court to take into account in its verdict that his client had voluntarily confessed to the acts and expressed regret. According to him, it was not a pre-planned murder. But the judge did not agree with him.

Source: SITA / Kirsty O’Connor / PA via AP

“The abuse of the role of police officer in this case due to the abduction, rape and murder of a lone victim is as serious as a political, religious or ideological murder.” said Judge Adrian Fulford, who justified the imposition of the maximum sentence with these aggravating circumstances. “You betrayed your family and there is no evidence that you really regret it.” he added to the convict.

The British judiciary has been sentenced to life in prison for the most serious crimes, such as serial killings. Everard’s murder has shaken the public this year. In particular, women have begun to point out loudly that they do not feel safe in the city in the dark and that the authorities pay little attention to this topic.

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