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The Senate, dominated by the right-wing opposition, gave, Thursday, September 30, a very broad green light at first reading to a bill to strengthen the fight against animal abuse, but by keeping pet shops and wild animals in traveling circuses and dolphinariums.

“It is no longer the time for half measures or, worse, pretenses”, said the Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili, at the kickoff, in the morning, on this text of the presidential majority, which had been adopted almost unanimously in January at first reading by the National Assembly, in a more offensive version.

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Deputies and senators will now try to find an agreement with a view to a final and rapid adoption, failing which the National Assembly will have the last word. The text must in particular help to avoid impulse purchases of pets, which lead to too many abandons, and also intends to tighten the penalties in the event of mistreatment.

Each year, 100,000 animals are abandoned in France; This summer alone, nearly 16,900, a record number, were collected by the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA), including 11,669 cats. The proposed law creates a certificate of knowledge and commitment, issued when acquiring a pet; it will recall the obligations of care, vaccination and the costs to be expected (food, veterinarian, etc.).

Disagreements at points of sale

The Senate enacted this ” advanced “ in the Chamber, but returned to the programmed ban on the sale of cats and dogs in pet shops, voted by the deputies. In return, the elected officials of the Upper Assembly have notably banned animals in display cases or postal shipping, stepped up the fight against introductions of dogs from Eastern Europe and introduced a partnership between shelters, associations without shelters and animal shops. .

“There isn’t a circuit that will be more regulated”, assured the chairman of the Senate Economic Affairs Committee Sophie Primas (Les Républicains, LR), in response to her fellow environmentalists and PS who wished to reinstate the ban on sales.

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Agreeing on a necessary framework for Internet sales, senators and the government immediately stumbled over the method. The Senate adopted, for lack of anything better, a device proposed by the rapporteur (LR, Seine-et-Marne) Anne Chain-Larché and based on an approval of the sites, while the government recommends authorizing the sale only on dedicated sections. “It is an absolute red line to supervise these sales on the Internet”, insisted the Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie.

The fate of dolphinariums still pending

The Senate also refused to transform the mayor’s competence in the identification and sterilization of stray cats into an obligation, without additional resources dedicated by the State. The cost is estimated between 1.5 billion and 2.5 billion euros and the Ministry of Agriculture hopes to achieve ” common ground “ in the continuation of the parliamentary shuttle.

In the evening, the Upper Assembly considered the progressive ban on the keeping of wild animals in traveling circuses and in dolphinariums. The measure voted by the National Assembly was revoked in session.

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Instead, the senators propose that a committee of specialists work on new regulations for dolphinariums, which currently have no solution for their cetaceans. For traveling circuses, the prohibited animal species would be determined by decree, after consulting a specialist council.

“Rather than an ideological posture”, the rapporteur defended a “Compromise” and challenged all “Denaturing”. Mme Pompili had earlier insisted on the need to“Collectively record that it is no longer reasonable to transport elephants, sea lions or wild animals from town to town” or on the need “To put an end to the presence of dolphins and killer whales” in dolphinariums.

“Retrograde Senate”

In the home stretch, however, the senators voted to ban mink farming without delay. Hunting with hounds, cock fights, corrida, intensive breeding … The left, while validating the bill, deplored that only “Some mistreatment” be approached, regretting not being able to wear the iron against “Practices from another age”, according to environmentalist Daniel Salmon (Ille-et-Vilaine).

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For their part, animal protection associations are keeping up the pressure. The spokesperson for the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, Christophe Marie, lambasted “A retrograde Senate, incapable of perceiving societal expectations”. The SPA denounced “A dangerous back-pedaling, which betrays a backward-looking posture in terms of respect for animals”.

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The president of the Animalist Party, Hélène Thouy, had gathered in the afternoon a few dozen supporters in front of the Senate to denounce “The cynicism and the denial of democracy which weigh on the animal condition”.

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