• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Brexit, clash over fishing: London and Paris deploy military ships in Jersey


May 6, 2021

Two British Navy patrol boats arrived off the coast of Jersey after around 80 French boats gathered in St Helier’s harbor to protest the rules on fishing rights after Brexit went into effect. The Guardian reports it explaining that Hms Severn and Hms Tamar have been deployed a mile off the coast of the island of Jersey. French authorities have also sent a patrol boat to monitor the situation, the Guardian added. Downing Street reported that patrol ships were sent to “monitor the situation”. The French maritime gendarmerie confirmed the presence of a 32-meter PCG Athos patrol vessel deployed eight miles north of the island of Jersey to “monitor the situation and ensure the safety of people at sea”. The Jersey government said Environment Minister Gregory Guida and Foreign Minister Ian Gorst would open a dialogue.