LOSC without bite and defeated by Salzburg in Youth League – foot national

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Dirty defeat for the U19 Nationals of LOSC this Wednesday afternoon on the second day of the group stage of the Youth League. The young shoots from Lille were opposed to RB Salzburg in Austria and they fell 3 goals to 1 despite a good start to the match and a solid performance from their goalkeeper Tom Negrel. But the goalkeeper and the Lille defense finally cracked three times this Wednesday, with a double from Simic, who opened the scoring from the penalty spot, before scoring a second goal at the start of the second period. The Austrians scored a third and final achievement by Kameri. The Mastiffs still reduced the score and saved the honor thanks to Said just before the start of added time.

But with this defeat 3 goals to 1, the men of Stéphane Pichot do not chain a second success in a row when they had won in the opening match against Wolfsburg with a victory 2 goals to 0. This time around. -Here, the Lille bow after a good performance from Salzburg and they will have to raise their heads against Sevilla FC on the next day to return to victory, because this Wednesday afternoon, the young Mastiffs look gray.

Young Mastiffs lose to Salzburg in Youth League

The LOSC U19s were against RB Salzburg on Wednesday afternoon. Check out the score of the match above, with a 3-1 defeat for Stéphane Pichot’s men this Wednesday afternoon against a fit Austrians.

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