Primary Kulkovský is sounding the alarm! FACTS: We are hospitalizing ever younger and unvaccinated –

In the Považská Bystrica hospital, the reprofilized Covid ward has been operating for only a few days, but they have already shown what the third wave is about and which patients end up confined to a hospital bed most often. “In those few days, we hospitalized 14 patients. All with bilateral pneumonia. Conditions requiring oxygen therapy. From standard, low-flow, through non-invasive to artificial lung ventilation,” described by a doctor. However, only two of these 14 patients are fully vaccinated.

“One older polymorbid gentleman vaccinated with the second dose in March (evidence of the suitability of a booster dose in at-risk individuals who were vaccinated among the first). The second, elderly but without severe comorbidities, exposed to a high infectious dose at home, where he did not protect himself in any way when caring for him (proof of the suitability of a booster dose in highly exposed persons, such as healthcare professionals), “ added Kulkovský.

Primary Kulkovský beats on

Source: TASR / AP Photo / Markus Schreiber

The facts speak for themselves

Two patients could be discharged home, but two had to be transferred to the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care because they had to be connected to artificial lung ventilation. “To date, we have 10 patients in Covid’s ward, 9 of whom have not been vaccinated. Compared to the second wave, they are younger years.” stated.

According to him, the latest admissions are fresh people in their fifties with severe bilateral pneumonia and saturation of about 60 percent, who had to be immediately connected to HFNO, ie High-flow nasal oxygen, which is a precursor to artificial lung ventilation. “I will no longer persuade anyone to be vaccinated. The decision is yours. I only offer facts from practice… and they speak clearly…,” he said.

Primary Kulkovský beats on

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No drapes

He also pointed out the behavior of ordinary people, which he often witnessed at work. “As I walked through the hospital on duty, I noticed in several wards that almost every visit was in a similar vein – relatives and patients had their hands covered in conversations in the hallways and in the rooms. Only when we are looking for an answer to the question why someone got infected in the hospital… and no, the staff does not cut it, has a different job than discussing null laws and constantly asking for cooperation…, “ the doctor said.

Primary Kulkovský beats on

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Most hospitalized are unvaccinated

In Slovakia, 1,459 people with a positive PCR test were added last day, of whom almost 74 percent were not vaccinated. Regarding antigen testing, 278 were positive, with almost 78 percent not vaccinated.

A total of 531 patients are hospitalized in hospitals, 463 people have confirmed the disease. Among hospitalized, 84.54 percent of people are not vaccinated at all or only partially vaccinated. There are 64 patients at JIS, 55 people need the support of artificial lung ventilation.

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