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Vanessa Paradis “shocked” by the price of tickets for her play


From this Tuesday, September 14, 2021, Vanessa Paradis will be playing in the play Maman. While some fans were shocked by the price of tickets to go see her, the singer confided in the columns of the Parisian.

A big challenge! If from an early age, Vanessa Paradis is a regular on the stage, she is about to take her first steps at the theater in Mom, a play and written directed by her husband, Samuel benchetrit.I could not let pass a text so beautiful, so original, so deep“she told the Parisian. While some places are close to the hundred euros, the singer said: “Oh, you’re not going to do it! There are 700 seats in the theater, there are 60 to 98 euros. Can’t talk about all the other places that aren’t at this price?Angry, the star added: “I am not the one who sets the prices and who will get the money in these places. For my concerts, I take great care that they are not expensive (…) I sing for two hours and it costs 35 euros. It is true that I was a little shocked, but I do not know the world of the theater.

Assuring that she had no say in the price of seats, Vanessa Paradis explained: “JI learned that once it was done … Right now I’m so focused on the job to be successful, I haven’t asked for seat prices … But it’s a private theater, without subsidies, which has just reopened after a year and a half, I’m not sure it’s about making billions, maybe rather saving it, this theater …“While she’s hoping the public will come, Jack and Lily-Rose’s mother added:”I understand that people do not take their place too early … And then there are a lot of people without a health pass, that complicates things. I have never played in front of a room that is not full, it scares me.

Vanessa Paradis: “I have never had this stage fright in my life”

Today, the singer is ready to take on this challenge, even though she was afraid for a long time that she would not be up to the task. “I didn’t feel capable of it, but Samuel encouraged me a lot, he really trusts me. He convinced me that I would love it“, she said. A few hours before the premiere, Vanessa Paradis added:”I have never had this stage fright in my life (…) There is silence, and we must speak. My first words, I will have to say them alone …

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