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Covid, “3 virologists in Wuhan sick in autumn 2019”


Three Chinese virologists sick in Wuhan in autumn 2019. The information released by the Wall Street Journal rekindles the spotlight on the debate related to the origin of the Coronavirus and brings back to the fore the Chinese city considered the epicenter of the pandemic. “Three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology became ill in November 2019 to the point of requiring hospital care, according to a previously classified US intelligence report that could give further voice to the increasingly pressing requests for a ‘ complete investigation “on the hypothesis” whether the Covid-19 virus may have left the laboratory “, reads the article published exclusively by the American daily. The WSJ refers to a document that would be drafted “in the last days of the Trump administration”. According to the report “several researchers from the laboratory, a center for the study of Coronaviruses and other pathogens, fell ill in autumn 2019 ‘with symptoms consistent with both Covid-19 and a common seasonal infection'”. Details of the “number of researchers, period of illness and visits” they have undergone at the hospital come on the eve of a World Health Organization meeting, which is expected to discuss the next phase of an origins investigation. of Covid-19 “. The article underlines that, in intelligence circles, there is no unanimous position on the reliability of the report. One person, in particular, reported that the document would have been provided by an international partner: it would be “potentially significant – the newspaper reads – but further checks and additional confirmations would be needed”. For another respondent, the document is “solid”. “The information obtained from different sources was of excellent quality, very precise. It did not say exactly what they got sick,” referring to the researchers.



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