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MS every two years? European leagues and fans are rioting: Why do you want to abolish the century-old tradition ?! – Š


Gianni Infantino Source: TASR / AP / Alessandra Tarantino

ZURYCH – A global group of national football leagues has opposed the idea of ​​organizing the FIFA World Cup every two years instead of the previous four. The World Leagues Forum thus joined the association of European clubs and the European Union UEFA, which had previously criticized FIFA’s efforts.

“We need a system that is simple and clear that everyone understands, that clearly defines when international matches take place and when club-level meetings take place.” said the head of FIFA in an interview with SNTV. As the current calendar of interstate meetings is drawn up by 2024, according to Infantino, FIFA needs to “make decisions in this direction by the end of this year.”

The FIFA Technical Commission has officially confirmed that it will come up with a proposal that will allow the World Cup to be held every two years. “The whole project includes changes in the dates of the continental championships and the adjustment of the calendar after the World Cup 2026,” Wenger emphasized. According to this proposal, the European Championships, Copa America and other regional tournaments should take place in 2027. A year later, the World Championships would take place.

The president of the European Football Union (UEFA), Alexander Cheferin, has already opposed the proposal, disagreeing with plans to organize the World Cup every two years. According to him, the reform could have a serious impact on the entire organization of football. Ceferin does not question the need for change, but at the same time rejects the intervention in the periodicity of the championship. A Slovenian official has threatened to boycott if the FIFA proposal passes. “Both European and South American football federations are opposed to the World Cup every two years. If FIFA wants to push through this proposal at any cost, I wish it good luck.” quoted Ceferin’s newspaper The Times.

European leagues and fans do not like this idea at all

Representatives of the European Leagues also opposed the plan with the two-year World Championships. The member of the organization for Slovakia is the Union of League Clubs (ÚLK). “The leagues will work with other stakeholders to prevent unilateral decisions by football federations to the detriment of international football. We are unanimously opposed to a change in the World Cup cycle. New, revised or expanded competitions in an already tense calendar are not a solution to problems in our sport, “ stated in their joint statement.

Fans around the world are also in favor of maintaining the current model with a four-year MS periodicity. “The vast majority of fans are against a two-year World Cup cycle. If FIFA were to discuss the changes with us, they would know this is our position.” stated in a joint statement by 58 fan organizations from six sports confederations. “Why cancel a century-old tradition when there is no evidence that the forthcoming reform would help improve the global game?”

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