NewsWorldShe refused the veil on the plane from Turkey...

She refused the veil on the plane from Turkey to Košice, the pilot fired her – Korzár Košice


She should have referred to a well-known lawyer.

KOŠICE. “That you are not ashamed, yikes, beast, actress!” One of the passengers on the plane shouts at another woman, who is also walking with her husband towards the exit from the plane.

It has a stormy atmosphere and other passengers even applaud the departing lady.

“But he already has a respirator, it seems to me,” someone says on the margo of a woman who, with respiratory protection under her nose, approaches the pilot and flight attendants at the exit of the plane.

“Did you dare to throw me out with all the staff? You fired me, “the passenger in question, an older blonde, responds in surprise to the pilot.

“Well done, get out!” Another passenger comments aloud, but the pilot reassures her with his hand.

“And now how do I go home? Can I ask for luggage at least? Now give it to me, because I’m leaving, “the disgruntled woman tells the pilot.

“Should I call the police?” The pilot asks.

“Call,” says the sharply dissatisfied lady.

“But when you are picked up by the Slovak police, believe that you will regret it,” says another of the people leaving the passenger.

She finally leaves the plane with the man.

The article continues under the video ad

The article continues under the video ad

Video from the incident by plane to Košice

Such a scene is captured in a short video made probably by one of the passengers on Saturday’s flight of Slovak holidaymakers from Turkish Antalya to Košice.

Video posted New time , according to which source the passenger and his fellow passengers persuaded the passenger for an hour to have some mask, they even begged her to take a respirator for a while that their baby was crying, but she began to scream at them that they would not restrain her.

“It is said that she used a nullity lawyer, on a Czech plane in Turkey. Her husband also begged her, but she didn’t. He didn’t have to leave, but he went with her, “the passenger described, adding that the woman did not put on the veil until she was told to leave the plane.

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Police: Doctor Nullity did not help her


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