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Afghanistan: a plane took off from Kabul abroad for the first time since the American withdrawal – franceinfo


The plane was carrying 200 people, including Americans, to Qatar.

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A plane evacuating 200 people, including Americans, took off Thursday, September 9 at the end of the afternoon from Kabul, bound for Doha (Qatar), AFP journalists noted. This is the first foreign passenger flight from the Afghan capital since the American withdrawal at the end of August.

Following the return to power of the Taliban in mid-August, Washington had to organize a gigantic airlift. This device enabled the evacuation of more than 120,000 people.

After the departure formalities at the airport, the 200 passengers boarded buses on the airport tarmac, under the surveillance of Qatari guards. The buses carrying around 30 passengers each then dropped them off at the foot of the Qatar Airways plane where they boarded before taking off shortly after.

Doha and Turkey have been working for several days to prepare Kabul airport structures for a gradual reopening. A very complicated task, so much the airport suffered from chaotic evacuations at the end of August, carried out when thousands of Afghans gathered around the enclosure in the hope of getting on one of the flights chartered by foreign countries.


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