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Famine by the side. The emaciated Kim Jong-un organized a giant military parade –


North Korea held a giant military parade in Pyongyang on the occasion of the country’s 73rd anniversary. Kim Jong-un, who waved to the crowd from the balcony, did not miss the celebrations either.

The world media writes about how significantly the leader lost weight. The fact that the country did not present any news of the missile arsenal also attracted attention.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un waved to the crowd in Kim Ir-sena Square, but there was no mention in the local newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, of speaking.

During the parade over the capital, planes flew over and the processions of marching soldiers in gas masks and orange spacesuits, workers, researchers and “emergency disease prevention units”, writes CNN.

It is clear from the photographs that during the celebrations, probably no novelty of the missile arsenal was presented.

New or updated versions of missiles are often shown at military parades. During a parade in January, for example, the North Korean military revealed what analysts say a new ballistic missile was fired from a submarine.

North Korean experts noted that pictures of the North Korean leader, who appeared in a cream suit, show that he has lost significantly. They thus supported reports from the state media, which reported on it in June.

“It’s remarkable how healthy Kim Jong-un looks in yesterday’s photos,” tweeted Martyn Williams, a collaborator of Project 38 North, who reports on the country.

“Whatever it does – and there are theories about it – it looks much better than it did a few months ago,” he wrote.

The leader of the state media did not mention the leader of the younger sister and high official of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jo-jong.

This notoriously solitary country severed almost all its links with the outside world in 2020 to prevent an influx of coronavirus cases. And it seems to have worked, North Korea has not reported a major outbreak of covid-19. However, experts doubt Pyongyang’s claims that the country did not record a single case of the disease.

Most foreign diplomats and humanitarian workers left the country, citing a shortage of goods and extreme restrictions on daily life.

In June, Kim fired several senior officials who failed to enforce strict North Korean prevention against covid-19, the state news agency KCNA reported.


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