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David Strelec transferred to Spezia. It can have fatal consequences – Š


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For some an artificially created star, for others a great talent, for dreamers even the greatest after Peter Dubovský. Where is David Strelec heading?

Nemeth: You have mastered all techniques and instincts

The potential of the currently 20-year-old forward was discussed by coaches or teammates in Slovana Bratislava. When he got the chance, he indicated a differentness. He did not choose a solution and did not move around the field like a classic striker.

“It is a great talent for our circumstances. He has excellent technique, football vision, he is purposeful. He has mastered all the techniques and instincts he needs. Now he has to fully adapt to men’s football and gain experience, ” said in february for Š former team forward and scout of Manchester United Szilárd Németh.

Borbély: I don’t know what talent Sagittarius is

The numbers speak for the offensive player, the Sagittarius does not have them. And certainly not like Dubovský at his age, when he shone in a higher-quality Czechoslovak league (in the two seasons before the transfer to Real Madrid, 51 goals in 59 matches).

The shooter scored 15 hits in 54 league duels. “Everyone says what talent David Strelec is. I don’t know what talent is. I haven’t seen him score regularly and play well in a series of three or more matches in a row. “ says for Š expert and president of the Union of Football Coaches of Slovakia Ladislav Borbély.

The shooter has not scored for a club or national team 14 times in a row since mid-May. He did not have a certain place in the composition of Vladimir Weiss st. or formerly Darko Milanič, there is speculation about a problem with lifestyle.

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Borbély: On what logic should he assert himself? I’m skeptical

Instead of hosting a club, where he would have a better chance of playing regularly, transgressed for 2.5 million euros to the Italian premier league Spezia.

He can also achieve this in Serie A, but Borbély points out: “The Sagittarius’ transition is illogical for me. He didn’t play stably in Slovan and he didn’t have numbers, I’m a little skeptical. I’m based on how I’ve (never) seen him play so far. I saw 10 or 15-minute fragments from him of literally nothing.

A footballer leaving Slovakia for the Grand League must have had several successful seasons in order for his transfer to be justified. It’s like a second league player scoring 4-5 goals in one match and the layman says he should go to the first league. However, the experienced coach is interested in the next 9-10 matches, whether it was just a combination of circumstances. I hope that this will not be the case for Sagittarius and it will convince you of its talent. ”

Spezia finished fifteenth in the premiere season among the elite. He has a cadre with the third lowest market value in Serie A and will probably fight for rescue in the current year as well.

“It simply came to our notice then. The shooter encounters much better, tactically more advanced and more aggressive defenders than in Slovakia. If he didn’t apply here, on what logic should he assert himself in Serie A?

However, paradoxes work in sport and in life, perhaps it will be one of them. We’ll see in half a year. When caught up in such conditions, we can say that he is a talent. When they end up on a bench or somewhere on a guest, many will have to reconsider their opinion of Sagittarius, “says Borbély.

VIDEO: David Strelec’s goals in Slovan Bratislava:

Weiss: He’s not ready for big football

“The shooter has talent, but he still has to develop. He is not a finished big football player. They don’t call us AC Milan or Juventus, but newcomers to the Italian or Spanish league. We don’t have another Milan Škriniar in Slovakia at the moment, ”stated Vladimir Weiss st. before the attacker leaves.

A good agent wouldn’t let him. It can burn

“Under Weiss, the shooter would certainly get relevant space for personal growth. A good agent would explain his professional affairs to him and not allow him to leave prematurely in an environment where he could definitely burn, which could have fatal consequences for his future career. “ fears Borbély.

At the beginning of the season, Weiss preferred striker Ezekiel Henty, and if the understretched Sagittarius asked for advice before the transfer, a renowned football expert would recommend him to host another club in the Fortuna League: ” quality. Slovan would pull it back, give it more space and develop it further.

Thus, we cannot responsibly estimate the Sagittarius’ potential. He believes that a change in the environment may help him, but I remain skeptical and do not consider his transition to be the optimal solution. ”

No one became a good football player on the bench

Samuel Mráz was a year older and left for Italy after a 21-goal season in Žilina. Despite more promising assumptions, he did not prevail. After three years of suffering in Empoli, Crotone, Brondby and Lubina aimed from Spezia in the opposite direction to Slovan.

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Borbély: Boženík is developmentally slowed down, we have a hole on the tip like after a fall …

Borbély fears that Strelec, like Mráz or Róbert Boženík, will not be able to make a big qualitative leap from the Slovak league and will get stuck in development. The national team can also pay for it: “No young player has yet become a good football player on the bench.

Boženík also had to listen more to the owner of Žilina, Jozef Antošík, and go to a perhaps less famous club, where he would play and develop. He left for Feyenoord unprepared and ended up (he headed for a one-year guest appearance in the German second league Düsseldorf). If Sagittarius has not learned from this a, x ‘other examples, then it is for another debate… ”


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