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Orange has caused a wave of reluctance: He asks € 1.5 to contact the operator. Now introduces a free connection via WhatsApp –


The largest operator in Slovakia does not currently experience the best period of relationship with its customers. However, it is entirely up to it. The operator has decided to start asking € 1.50 for the connection with the customer line operator, informed server Live.

Updated 9.9. at 10:25 AM: We have supplemented the article with an Orange statement in the marked places.

The connection with the customer line operator has so far been charged by Orange in the amount of 5 cents per minute. In order to reach the current € 1.50, you would have to be on the line for half an hour. The operator will only charge the fee when the system connects you to the person – the robotic possibilities and capabilities of the customer line are thus free.

We adjusted the fee for calls to the Customer Line 905 to 1.50 euros / call, which we charge only after the customer connects with a specific employee of the Customer Service Department. A call with a vending machine, which can also solve some basic and most frequent customer requirements, is free of charge. At the same time, we continue to offer our customers the possibility of free calls with the employees of the Customer Service Department within the Customer Line 905, if the customer has purchased one of the services: Care package basis, Care package plus and Exclusive care,”Explains Orange.

Line 905 is intended for more complex problems

The operator justified his actions by saying that many customers call the customer line and therefore wants to reduce waiting times with a higher call price. Interestingly, however, the Live server gained also the opposite statement, which indicated that, on the contrary, not many customers call the 905 line.

We want to motivate customers to use other interactive channels and to use the Customer Line for more complex problems. On the Customer Line 905, we want to give priority to customers with a more complex problem, due to which they will spend more time on the line. After the new one, customers will pay for the call regardless of the time they spend on the line, which may ultimately be more advantageous for them,”He adds.

WhatsApp is said to be not a patch, but a long-term plan

Orange has certainly noticed that the introduction of a high fee for the connection with the customer line operator has not met with applause, so after a few days it is a novelty. A small patch on people’s complaints may be the free connection to the operators of line 905, writes server Live.

In its opinion for TECHBYTE, the operator argues that the introduction of a new communication channel via WhatsApp did not take place overnight. On the contrary, it is a long-term strategy, which he is gradually deploying. He describes communication through WhatsApp as, in some cases, more efficient.

You can do this by sending a message (via WhatsApp) to +421 905 905 905.

What do you say about the changes in Orange? Do you call the customer line or use other channels to connect to the operator? Let us know in the discussion below!


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