NewsWorldRenaud: his secrets without taboos on cigarettes and alcohol

Renaud: his secrets without taboos on cigarettes and alcohol


Renaud is better. The singer indulged in some confidences, especially on his state of health. He talks about his relationship with cigarettes and alcohol.

Until November 7, fans of the artist will be able to find him in an exhibition, called “Fucking show”.Renaud is currently being honored at the Philharmonie de Paris. And this Wednesday, September 9, it was he who played the guide with the guests, who had come in large numbers. Journalists from Parisian were present and were able to spend a few minutes with him. And the artist then confided without taboos on the two enemies of his health: cigarettes and alcohol. He admits at first to have reduced the first: “I eliminated the cigarette. I went from sixty a day to fifteen, I’m addicted to vaping.”

When it comes to alcohol, the singer has been uncompromising with himself : “I quit alcohol for good six months. I am a new man” he rejoices. This is very good news for those who are even preparing a new musical project. : “I sing, I’ve been in the studio for 10 days. I’m preparing an album of covers, thirteen old songs that marked me”. On the program, the titles of Jean Ferrat, Moustaki, Françoise Hardy … But even if this return to the studio delights him, there is no question of considering a return on stage : “No, I’m retired. I’ll do a minimum of promotion that’s all”.

“My wonders. They loved it”

Fans of the singer can therefore be reassured, Renaud is better. It must be said that he is well surrounded! Indeed, his daughter Lolita accompanies him: “she is coming back to see the exhibition. We have already visited it ten days ago, with my two ex-wives, Dominique and Romane, my son Malone, 15 years old and my granddaughter Héloïse, 9 years old My Wonders. They we love you”. A beautiful family who helps Renaud to get out of it little by little. It must be said that the singer was in very bad shape. En less than three years, the artist has nevertheless been hospitalized no less than three times. It looks like it’s all behind him.

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