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PHOTO Rišo Müller celebrated his 60th birthday: MEGA PARTY at THE CASTLE! Sweet BOZKY from Studenková and THIS got –


Müller celebrated his 60th with a real demonstration and with hundreds of fans. Shortly before 8 o’clock in the evening he played an open-air concert in Pezinok, but the moment he entered the stage and went to sing, the band started the song Happy Birthday. Rišo was taken aback, but shortly afterwards he also started singing a birthday song. Then he thanked everyone with the words that he really didn’t expect it. Jubilant played a 100-minute concert, after which he moved on to a private party. There, his family and close friends wrapped him in presents, and the youngest son, Markus, brought him a huge cake with large sparklers.

Richard Müller’s concert at Šimák Castle Pezinok connected with the celebration of his 60th birthday.


“I feel normal for 60 years. Mentally, I think it’s still okay and physically there are some minor problems that I more or less started a long time ago, such as low back pain and so on, “ he confided to us shortly after the Müller concert. The singer boasted that he sang very well. “The audience was great, which means that when the audience is great, the concert will always work for the most part,” he added. And what gifts did he receive from his loved ones?

“Richard received presents during the day. He likes eucalyptus trees, he got a living tree from me, on which was hung instructions on how to behave. He has to plant himself in the garden. For his 50th birthday, he got the ring he lost, so we had no choice but to get the ring again for the 60’s. He was tied to a tree trunk. Richard thought it was just a guide to the tree, until he later found out that there was also a ring hidden (laughs). He likes simple things, the ring is made of white gold with a black diamond. However, it is big, we have to make it smaller. But it was a big surprise for him, he had no idea, “ our partner Vanda told us shortly before the concert. The daughter Emma, ​​who therefore flew from Paris, where she has lived for 10 years, did not miss him either.

“Emmy got a watch on his hand and a special perfume, but the biggest gift for him was probably that she flew in from Paris,” Wolf continued, who also admitted that there would be no big celebration with her family. “On Saturday we celebrated the birthday of his eldest son Filip and we will meet again over the weekend. But it won’t be a party, just kids, Richard and me. He will not tolerate it, especially that we will meet again, “ she explained to us. The head of RTVS, Jaroslav Rezník, and Zdena Studenková also showed up at the celebration, heartily kissing him and starring him again in a challenging outfit with a neckline. The company was made by her partner Braňo Kostka. The guests debated over a good wine and later everyone enjoyed a great cake.

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