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A new Slovak comedy is heading to cinemas: What is it about and how did the young director get inspired? | Telkáč.sk – Telkáč.sk


09/09/2021News in cinemasOn Thursday, September 9, the cinema program will be enriched by a feature film by director Mira Rem, Love Under the Hood. The documentary from the environment of amateur car races, about a couple living in Moravia, who fight outside the autocross track in their own lives, was presented by the author of the films Arsy-Versy, Comeback, Cooltúra, Richard Müller: Unrecognized.

Did you premiere love under the hood in the main competition of the Karlovy Vary IFF, how did they receive the film there?

People got up and there was a big round of applause for quite a long time, 1,300 spectators at the screening. I didn’t expect it, because at the end of the film a surprise awaits the viewer, during which he can freeze him, but I will not reveal any more. From the many reactions of Czech film critics, we feel that we have managed to make a quality film that irritates and resonates.

There was also a review by a spectator who had just seen the film in Karlovy Vary, and looking back at the festival, he said that Love Under the Hood at least amused him, but he couldn’t say what it was about. What do you think?

I’m sorry that the viewer in question didn’t ‘discourage’ it, but I’m glad he at least had fun and didn’t want to return the entrance fee. Fortunately, it looks like his case is unique and viewers have no problem understanding the story. I’m glad that people in the cinema laugh sometimes and hard. Love Under the Hood is a situational comedy and a relationship drama, an ideal combination.

Your new film civilly, sensitively and humorously depicts the story of a couple who, in addition to the autocross track, also fight in their lives, trying to survive. However, it is far from social documents to which the Slovak audience is accustomed. What did you want to show the audience with this story in the first place?

Love under the hood has two main storylines. The first is a race on a racetrack, the second is a race for one’s own life. In both, the two main characters try to prove that they do not yet belong to the scrap metal. At the same time, they struggle with everyday worries and a messy past that emerges from time to time. Part of the second line is the topic of life losses related to the transformation of society after 1989 and disappointment with the current social situation.

The film shows people who have failed to meet their expectations, but still do not lay down their arms and continue to fight for their place on earth. It is a reflection of the experience of people who have fragmented much of their active life with a series of wrong decisions and today are looking for hope in life repair. This applies to the intimate-personal planes of their lives as well as their professional fulfillment.

Do you expect other Yards, athletes with a life who have lost their illusions to be found in Love under the hood?

Yes, this is a big topic. The turbulent post-November period fundamentally affected the forms of social relations of people in the Czech and Slovak Republics. One personal struggle to discover a new meaning and to smooth out the consequences of previous missteps is the starting point of this film.

How did you discover the story of Jaroslav and his girlfriend Jitka?

We were looking for a life for a race and we found a race for a life. Together with screenwriter Jur Šlauk, five years ago at home in the pub, we said that it would be nice to make a film that deviates from the narrative practices of the local documentary scene. We wanted to break out of the social documentary environment and make a genre documentary. That was the idea. As a child, I played Destruction Derby, and it was this memory that served as the primary stimulus. We started looking for local destruction or demolition derbies. We were lucky. Juro found the remains of wrecked cars on the Internet, so we didn’t hesitate. Our first steps were directed to the Slovak village of Očkov.

On an old peasant team adapted for an autocross circuit, we met Riš among the wrecks, an autocross enthusiast who knew a person who fulfilled our condition of “life for a race”. He was Moravan Jaroslav, who came to us for the first meeting with his partner Jitka. We knew right away that it was a real nut. We were looking for a character with a strong conflict, and from his mouth were the flames of unsolvable situations, in which not just anyone finds themselves. Jitka was another bonus of this Moravian “documentary dramatic treasure”.

Fans of your previous documents especially enjoy the fact that they are “different”, you will always discover interesting characters that seem to be invented, but they really live and “in their own way” communicate with the environment. What did you enjoy most about the protagonists of Love Under the Hood?

Openness, spontaneity, intimacy. I like movies that go to the marrow. I also like dramatic life stories and I also enjoyed the scenery of the race. There was a lot to watch and the film camera also likes it. I also liked the game with the formal side of the film, we wanted the film to look like a feature film, and we subjected it to its shooting. Today, people think it is not a documentary, but they are wrong. I’m glad that Love Under the Hood is so authentic.

I expect you to mention Jaroslav’s mother and her role in the film.

Jaroslav’s mother is the spice of the film, she brought humor to the film. He is constantly in conflict with his son, both in the film and in life. Her language is perfect, she reminded me of my grandmother from the movie Arsy-Versy and grandmother Tutovka, you may still remember her. Mothers in films are mostly strong characters, they are afraid of their children, what will happen to them when they are not alone.

Did the couple agree with everything that came into the film from her life? Didn’t she want to “censor” him?

Jaroslav and Jitka had no problem with anything, they accepted the film without any problems. As smoothly as filming went, so did the control projection. It was obvious that they both experienced it and a film can’t take them out of the concept.

Source: TASR

Photo: Miro Remo, archive, Video: Youtube

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