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Koziak: Remišová will leave the coalition rather than Kolíková from the Ministry of Justice –


Minister of Justice Mária Kolíková will remain in her post. Richard Sulík made it clear that he did not allow a compromise. And it is not possible for four Members to assert their position against 19 Members. This is an obvious disparity in power, which Veronika Remišová will have to accept. The political scientist and rector of the University of Political and Social Sciences, Kutná Hora Tomáš Koziak, thinks that the Remišová and her For the People party will leave the coalition rather than Kolíková from the Ministry of Justice. According to him, the For the People Party will not survive this split and it is also a song of Remiš’s swan in Slovak politics.

Kolíková finally broke up with the For People party and took six deputies with her. Will former Kisk’s party survive?

Most likely not. On behalf of the people, he will probably join the other political parties that arose around the founding father. That end will obviously look like if he is running in the forthcoming elections at all, he will certainly not have a chance to remain a relevant political entity to get into parliament. The departure of important political figures and now also a group of six deputies led by Kolíková, as well as the way of politics of Veronika Remišová, contributed to this. Most likely, this political party will slowly disappear from our polilt scene and remain history.

The entry of the Pin fraction into SaS was not surprising. Did you help with SaS?

I think it can be beneficial for SaS. Richard Sulík certainly thinks so, who explicitly welcomed Kolíková and six deputies at that press conference. Kolíková is a prominent political figure. There is no denying that it has grown politically recently. The voter can identify her not only as a strong political figure, but also as a person who is skilled and has demonstrated the ability to manage his department. Hypothetically, if he decides to run for SaS before the parliamentary elections, he will be a hot candidate for Minister of Justice. I think that it can be a reinforcement for SaS also because I do not see a person among the top representatives of Sulíková SaS who would profile himself as strongly in the field of justice as Kolíková. It can therefore also be of professional benefit to this party. I think that her political destiny will continue to be linked to this party.

VIDEO: Matovič: If someone wants to overthrow the government, let them terminate the coalition agreement.

For many weeks, Remišová refused, in fear of the position, to convene an extraordinary dream. Now he talks about the betrayal of values, members and voters. Is it in place?

This reaction is too strong and too harsh. Those people who blame Remišová for the decline in preferences and the increase in intra-party tensions can also be convinced of the betrayal of voters. Politics is about a political struggle for power. No one can blame political ambitions. Just as Remišová had them, so Kolíková can have them. Calling it a betrayal is something that borders on a misunderstanding of political reality.

Sulík says that despite the strengthening of his parliamentary group, he is not asking for anything extra. However, a fundamental condition is that Kolíková remains Minister of Justice. If Matovic says that the four-party coalition agreement is still in force, and if someone terminates it, it could lead to the fall of another government, how difficult will it be to reach an agreement on a new coalition structure?

It is difficult to say, as so far we have only the first views on opinions on this situation. It’s not enough yet. However, it is necessary to start from the positions of power and the first declared opinions of politicians. In this case, Sulík unequivocally and strongly declared in welcoming Kolíková and her six detainees that he insisted that Kolíková remain in her position as minister. The SaS has become the second strongest coalition party in parliament, and if Sulík has so vigorously declared it, he has a good chance of enforcing it. A possible disagreement of coalition partners could lead to the disintegration of the coalition, because without Sulík the coalition does not have a parliamentary majority. I think that, given that, Kolíková will remain a minister.

What is the negotiating position of Remišová as the leader of the coalition party?

Very bad. Each negotiating position is based on the position of power within the coalition, and this position is determined by the number of deputies that the party can guarantee. It is not just a mandate from the electorate in the parliamentary elections, but also the number of deputies. The People’s Party remained with four deputies, and this number is also questionable. That’s just a little bit. It is therefore a question of how this coalition will deal with the fact that they have four members of parliament and that the parliamentary group should also disappear. I wonder how the coalition will deal with that. As long as the coalition agreement is in force, both Remišová and Kolíková will remain ministers.

VIDEO: Remišová on the departure of the Pin faction to SaS: They want to harm the party For people and keep the functions they owe to the party.

Matovič said that Remišová basically never left OĽaNO. Do you expect Remišová to return to OĽaNO in some similar position as the parties and movements Zmena zdolta, Nova a Christianske Unie?

I have very serious doubts as to whether this statement by Igor Matovič should be taken seriously and whether it was not just a manifestation of irony over Remišová’s political destiny. Because even that can be expected in the case of Igor Matovič. I think this is because Remišová left OĽaNO because of a not well-prepared program and especially because of the way of policy of Igor Matovič. Nothing has changed since she left OĽaNO. If Remišová joined OĽaNO, she would basically deny herself. In addition, Remišová is still the chairwoman for For the People, and the notorious thing here is that the captain leaves the sinking ship last. I cannot imagine an acting party chairman resigning and moving to another party. That would be an absurd situation.

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The entry of the whole political party or its remnants into another party can be allowed. However, it does not seem to me precisely because she left OĽaNO because of the style of Matovič’s politics. OĽaNO is not even a standard political party. I cannot imagine how a relatively standard party would move into such a non-standard political entity. Rather, I expect the rest of the deputies and party members to leave for another party. However, this is not the case with Remišová. I am personally convinced that this is a song of Remiš’s swan in Slovak politics.

If only four deputies remain for the People’s Party, do Matovič and Heger have reason to keep Remišová at the head of the Ministry of Investment under such conditions?

I think the motivation can be the effort to maintain the four-party coalition. According to the coalition agreement, this resort belongs to the For People party and there is no reason for it to come.

However, the For the People Party has in fact lost the Ministry of Justice…

But in this case, Remišová must accept the positions of power in the coalition, which Sulík also reminded her in his press conference. And Sulík has much stronger cards in his hands than Remišová. If she insisted that the Ministry of Justice belonged to her party, she could jeopardize the existence of the coalition. Sulík made it clear that he did not allow a compromise. And it is not possible for four Members to assert their position against 19 Members. This is an obvious disparity in power, which Remišová will have to accept. Remišová and her party Za lidí will leave the coalition rather than Kolíková from the Ministry of Justice. I think Remišová is also aware of that. This is also evidenced by her first statements. She never mentioned that she wanted to insist on Pin’s resignation from the ministerial position. Remišová knows very well that in this dispute she is pulling for the shorter end of the rope than Kolíková. There is no reason why Kollár and Matovič would side with Remišová. Matovič was in a significant dispute with Kolíková, but I don’t think it would be worthwhile for a dispute with Sulík.

Juraj Šeliga said that neither Remišová nor Kolíková was involved in the program and value struggle, but in the chair of the presidency. Together with Jana Žitňanská, they are still waiting. They want to meet at the party’s presidency, as well as with Prime Minister Eduard Heger. If he supports OĽaNO, can Scheliga become Minister of Justice?

Mr. Šeliga may have such an ambition, but given Sulík’s words, I do not think that Šeliga and Remišová have such an influence that they can enforce it.

Will Sulík’s influence or rather the Matovič-Kollár tandem be strengthened? What changes in the power situation in the coalition can be expected?

It is difficult to say whether this tandem will be strengthened. It is possible, but it will also depend on other issues that await this government. I do not think that these other events should make it much easier or more difficult for the We Are the Family and OĽANO movement to rule. Rather, it strengthened Richard Sulík’s SaS party, which became the second strongest party in the coalition. It may have a stronger voice when deciding on some issues and more complex compromises. However, in my opinion, this will not have a major impact on the way this coalition works.

Sulík says that this transfer will help maintain the coalition. Do you agree, or are we closer to early elections, if Matovič talks about a third collapsed government?

Matovič often talks about the government’s attitude since the government crisis. I wouldn’t take it too seriously. If the fate of this government coalition should depend on whether Kolíková is at the head of the Ministry of Justice, this coalition is extremely fragile and they should wrap it up as soon as possible. I don’t think Matovič would go to the edge of the knife and ask for Kolíková to leave. Matovic is well aware that he would lose a lot after the early elections and would not have to go to government again. Kolíková’s departure cannot be worth it. It would be maximally unreasonable. At least that would suit Remišová herself, who would only significantly shorten her time in politics.

Won’t the solution take too long?

In my opinion, this will not contribute to the coalition crisis. Kolík’s departure from the ministerial post for early elections cannot cost anyone. In my opinion, none of them thinks that way. In addition, the time lag between the solution due to the Pope’s visit may cool the hot heads in the coalition.

What step do you expect from the president? Will he be in the background and accept their agreements, or will he be more active?

He has nothing to enter into the situation that has arisen. It is a matter that concerns the internal functioning of the coalition, which does not affect the functioning of the government or parliament.


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