NewsWorldSlovak bicycle manufacturers are counting millions in damages. ...

Slovak bicycle manufacturers are counting millions in damages. They are bothered by overpriced containers and waiting for parts –


Tour de France, Vuelta or Giro. Thanks to these Grand Tour events, we were able to watch the gradually growing interest in buying bicycles year after year.

In Slovakia, he was amplified by the success of Petr Sagan. Until last spring, however, no one seemed to know that a global pandemic would be enough to create a bubble.

Both dealers and manufacturers confirm that the interest in new bicycles of each type is huge and has lasted since the beginning of last year.

In just a few months, however, the good mood in the industry was spoiled by the collapse of production processes at suppliers in Asia and the skyrocketing price of transport. Today, manufacturers pay more than 600 percent more for a container of months-delayed components or accessories than before the pandemic.

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