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Android 12 beta 5: the last polish before the final release – Frandroid


The fifth beta of Android 12 has just been deployed by Google. This is the first Release Candidate.

Android 12 // Source: Frandroid

New step for deployment Android 12. After several months of beta, now the future version of the operating system enters its fifth beta which also turns out to be the first Release Candidate. This means that if no bug is discovered on this version by the launch of build definitive, this beta 5 will act as a finalized version.

Google therefore calls on developers to prepare their applications to make them perfectly compatible with this version and Verbatim, with the future of Android. At least for phones that will be entitled to an update (yes, that limits) …

As with the last beta, this possible final update is here to bring improvements in the performance and stability of the system. All the features of Android 12 have been implemented and now is the time to make sure everything is running smoothly.

If you are a Pixel user, then you can start this update right now, but don’t expect any phenomenal changes. However, some bugs could go away, even though the previous beta were already fairly stable.

For those who wish to test the Android 12 beta 5, here are the files to install it :

Of course, it is still possible to do this update directly from the phone menus if you are already enrolled in the beta program.


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