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Is it worth changing the health insurance company? 9 parameters that will show you the real difference between insurance companies the fastest –


Although the scope of public health insurance is determined by law and is the same for all insurance companies, they still differ. “Some insurance companies choose the area of ​​health care where they want best. Therefore, always compare the benefits offered with what you and your family need. And if you find that you will be better in the second insurance company, there is no reason for weight with the transfer, ” explains M. Búlik.

When comparing benefits, it is important to take into account the planned changes from January 1, 2022. The transfer to another insurance company until September 30, 2021 will actually take place on January 1 next year and you will have to remain in the new insurance company for at least the whole year 2022. benefits that will apply next year. All three insurance companies communicate with the change compared to the current year.

9 parameters that will show you the real difference between inscriptions the fastest:
1. Get doctors where you go

No benefit can be offset if you do not find a general practitioner or specialist in your city or district who has a contract with your insurance company. If you are considering a change, make sure that your future insurance company also has all the doctors you go to. It makes no sense to compare the total sweats on the web, these are almost identical, the confusion will spill over to your doctors.

2. Refund of co-payments for medicines

If you have a diea allergy at home or with a strict diet, supplements for medicines and dietetic food can cost hundreds of euros. In this case, it is important to me a insurance policy that will return the surcharges to you. Until the age of 17, the Union reimburses all supplements for medicines and dietetic food, regardless of the amount of rone. The trust returns the amount of 300 euros from supplements from January 2022 (this year the limit was 200 euros). VŠZP reimburses supplements for children for 200 euros per year and adults with 20 euros per year.

3. the least responders to the operation

When there is a medical condition, the skin gets to the operated table the sooner. In the other case, your condition worsens and, worst of all, you suffer from pain and restricted movement for the rest of the time. Therefore, it makes sense to compare the accretion periods that are monitored by the Office for Health Care Assessment. In the long run, the order of insurance companies has not changed over the years: Union has the least in terms of insurance premiums, followed by Trust and VŠZP. Last year, there were 3,077 VŠZP policyholders (354 more on the intermediate basis), 660 Dôvery policyholders (intermediate level plus 63) and 99 Union policyholders (intermediate level plus 41).

The total number of attending patients continued to increase from 2019 (at that time 751 more attending patients increased compared to 2018), in 2020 “akaka” increased by another 407 patients. On average, there are about 247 days for diseases of the circulatory system, 265 days for diseases of the eyes, and 308 days for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue. The latest available figures show that the average acacia time for the circulatory system was 201 days for Dôvera and Union and 255 days for VŠZP. For diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, Union policyholders were 206 days, VŠZP 290 days and Dôvery policyholders 406 days. For eye surgery, it was 150 days (VŠZP), 215 days (Union) and 303 days (Trust).

The desire for the necessary operation is one of the strongest motivators to switch to competition. Insurance companies are aware of this and come up with benefits that acacia shortens. For example, Dôvera has a special program for the replacement of the lumbar and knee joints with a minimum of suction time in the new Michalovce hospital and washes mammography within 10 days. Union, in turn, can be ordered for an examination at Agel facilities for a reserved period of time. VŠZP, in turn, is the first to pay for proton therapy for oncology patients.

4. Financial savings on doctor’s surcharges

Payments by health insurance companies for individual specialists for individual services differ. Bený lovek typically feels this on supplements: at the same doctor you can with one poisa supplement for the same act in tens of euros, with another not a penny. The differences cannot be generalized, but they can be significant, or rather, where one insurance company reimburses the treatment and the operation, the other insurance company does not reimburse it. For example, Confidence overpays for laser eye surgery with differences between the eyes exceeding 3.5 diopters and the occurrence of corneal lesions. VŠZP, in turn, will contribute to this operation from 1.1.2022 the amount of 450 euros to all u at the amount of diopters + 1 / -1. The Union contributes to several actions in the process of artificial insemination in the amount of 1,200 euros, in VŠZP it is possible for the 4th cycle of IVF will receive a contribution of up to 450 euros.

5. Zava at the dentist and that

All three insurance companies try to financially help their policyholders in dental treatment and prevention of those diseases. The trust provides a contribution of up to 30 euros per dentist treatment a maximum of 5 times a year (a total of 150 euros), the Union increases the contribution from 1.1.2022 to 150 euros (100 euros for dentist treatment and 50 euros for dental hygiene) without applying the limit for one examination (ie the entire amount can also be used for a supplement for one examination). In VŠZP mono erpa 120 eur rone for treatments at the dentist and dental X-ray examinations.


Confidence from 1.1.2022 contributes deom 50 euros for the spectacle frame and lenses, Union from the same date 70 euros for the spectacle frame. The package in the Union for 150 euros also includes a contribution for a comprehensive examination of 50 euros and for optical coherence tomography 30 euros. VŠZP provides 20% of the examination for the Vesely clinic.

The list of all advantages, benefits and bonuses is long in every insurance company. It is best to look at their comparison on a comparison website and then focus on selected benefits on the website of individual insurance companies. You can consult those financial intermediaries who have an overview. A special category is financial benefits and benefits, which also save you money directly. “You will save the most with Trust, who returns co-payments for medicines for children up to EUR 300, reimburses EUR 150 for dentist’s procedures. Max, on a koi filter, and has a Health Fighters program through which you can apply for a treatment that doesn’t pay for insurance. The Union, in turn, offers 50 percent for travel insurance and significantly financially helps with artificial insemination. In general, the General Health Insurance Fund reimburses expenses for medicines in addition to children and adults, and provides the most, and 185 different benefits, ”advises Búlik.

6. Paper or online

Poisova can save you time, for example when updating your data (if you change your address or go out) or checking (for example, what medicines you are prescribed). In selected insurance companies, you do not have to go to the branch at all – you will process all changes online and get information. Probably the best electronic branch is Trust. It also adds monos to be ordered free of charge to some doctors via the web.

7. Doctor on mobile

Trust has a mobile application. It displays health data from an electronic card, you have your card and your children’s card stored in it. Union has a Home Doctor application that helps you find your way around the first symptoms of the disease.


8. Remuneration for prevention and treatment
It is commendable that the insurers have begun to reward people for their health care. For several years, the Union rewards people who undergo preventive examinations, including cancer prevention. Both the Union and the VŠZP allow all insured persons to undergo a general preventive examination also with a test for occult bleeding from the age of 40 (the law requires a test and from the age of 50). And Dôvera offers the monos of priority ordering for mammography within 10 days and has a special program Trust helps diabetics, in which it rewards for maintaining a medical regime and taking care of their own health.

9. Convenient conclusion of the contract

All insurance companies have several ways you can enter into a contract. An additional advantage in the case of Trust, however, is that due to the registration of a newborn child, you do not have to go to the branch – its employee will come to your home.

One signature is enough for the transfer

Changing the insurance is easy. The latter will conclude a contract with a new insurance company, which will secure the termination in your original one. Insurance companies can conclude a contract for you in 3 ways:
• At a branch or financial intermediary
• Send the signed contract by post
• You conclude the contract on the website or telephone line, then the courier will sign it for you

However, pay attention to the date. Your contract must be delivered to the new insurance company no later than September 30. If you are changing in the last days of September, it is better to bring the contract in person to the branch of the new insurance company in your city.

You will realistically change Poisov on January 1 of the next year, a new card will be sent to you by post. From this year on, you don’t even have to return the old card – you don’t face any sanctions.

And if you change your mind and conclude two contracts in one year? The Office recognizes as valid the first contract you have signed. However, if you insist on the latter, send a letter to the first insurance company in which you withdraw from the contract. This will save the insurance company the remaining administration and yourself worries.

There are three insurance companies in Slovakia

After the launch of the pluralistic health insurance system, there were almost 10 insurance companies in Slovakia. Gradually, however, their number was reduced to the current three. The state General Health Insurance Company has been operating on the market for the longest time. It has 2.9 mil. policyholders. The second largest is the Insurance Trust, which is owned by the Penta financial group. It has 1.65 million policyholders. The smallest is the Union health insurance company, which is backed by the Dutch company Achmea. He currently cares for 608,000 policyholders.

Here is a complete list of benefits of individual insurance companies:


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