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“Black box”: a paranoid thriller in the world of aviation – Le Monde



Mathieu, a young acoustician from the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety, is tasked with deciphering the black box of a plane that mysteriously crashed during a Dubai-Paris flight. He gradually discovers that the official version (that of a suicide bombing) is not the right one. He tries to discover the truth and feels, as his investigations progress, threatened. Who has an interest in hiding the real causes of the crash? The answer to this question may not remain a mystery long enough.


Black Box resurrects and imports paranoid thriller, which was once a fashion in Hollywood. While the nature of the plot facing the hero is perhaps a little too obvious, the film nevertheless stands out for the qualities of a narrative that skillfully holds the viewer in suspense. In addition, one cannot help feeling a real fascination for a character whose activity consists in analyzing and deciphering sounds, in giving them a meaning.

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Yann Gozlan’s fourth feature film From then on touches an interesting abstract analytical dimension (how to decipher the noises of the world?) and puts it at the service of a cinematographic suspense at times quite captivating.

Black Box. French film by Yann Gozlan. With Pierre Niney, Lou de La age, André Dussollier (2 h 09).


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