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Trial of the November 13 attacks: the provocations of Salah Abdeslam mark the first day of Audien – Franceinfo



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The trial of the November 13 attacks began in the middle of the day, Wednesday, September 8. The civil parties faced for the first time the 14 defendants present, including Salah Abdeslam, the only member of the commando still alive. The tension was palpable in the courtroom from the first words of the suspected terrorist.

The provocations of Salah Abdeslam marked the first day of hearing, at the courthouse in Paris. The question, Wednesday, September 8, was whether the only living member of the November 13 terrorist squad would speak at the trial. But as soon as he was asked to state his identity, he said: “First of all, I want to testify that there is no god apart from Allah and that Mohamed is his messenger.“, he declared. A little later in the day, he pointed the finger at the president of the Special Assize Court.”I’ve been treated like a dog for over six years (…) After death, we will be resuscitated. You will be held to account.

The tension was palpable throughout this first day of hearings. “The room was paralyzed, no one dared to take a look in the box of the accused, but the president, imperturbable, succeeded in silencing and sitting down the accused“, says journalist Nathalie Perez, who was on site for France Televisions. The victims of the attacks and relatives in the room were stunned. “He will unfold his ideology and we must pay attention to one thing in this trial, the Assize Court should not be a forum for him“, warns Me Mehana Mouhou, lawyer of the civil parties.


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