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Presidential 2022: and Edouard Philippe came out of the woods … – Franceinfo


Edouard Philippe, mayor of Le Havre and former Prime Minister, arrives on the red carpet of the American Film Festival in Deauville, September 3, 2021. (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)

This rushes on the side of Edouard Philippe who will formalize in a month, in Le Havre, the creation of his political party. Initially, there was only to be one meeting of the “Republic of Mayors “, this club of local elected officials who was formed around Philippe when he was in Matignon.

The meeting is scheduled for October 8, ie a Friday. “And then we were told: be present on Saturday too “, says one of these elected officials, who has just received an invitation for the event. It will be the media launch of the party, not a congress to vote for statutes or an organization. In short, the laying of the first stone.

Edouard Philippe judges that “the Republicans – LR will not return to what the UMP was”, that is to say a movement aggregating different right-wing sensitivities. And that consequently it is lacking in France “a center-right formation”. To tell the truth, there is Agir, a party created by former LRs like Franck Riester, but Edouard Philippe and his family consider – rightly – that Agir boils down to a group in the National Assembly, which does not didn’t attract a lot of people either.

The idea is to bring more ambition for the center right. “Bring together more elected officials who feel orphaned by parties “, explains support from the former Prime Minister. “Also pushing a series of proposals a little strong, to weigh on Emmanuel Macron’s campaign. “Or, and it is always the same supporters who speak, “to have public funding, activists, legislative candidates, and a group in the National Assembly.“It will therefore be a classic, independent party, not a subsidiary or a current of En Marche.

Friends of Edouard Philippe tell him that creating a party is essential to be sustainable and insist that this new formation carries the voice of local elected officials. The latter, with the law on the non-accumulation of mandates, have in fact moved away from decision-making centers. “We want to be able to support the national when what is done is good, but keep the freedom to say when things are not going in the right direction, also explains one of those who “will be an adventure “. Adding: “Loyalty and freedom, who better than Edouard Philippe to embody it?”

The initiative intrigues En Marche, which evokes a “open channel”, with the mayor of Le Havre. I think he wants to be in the presidential majority “, advances a walker. Where the feverishness is felt even more, it is at the Modem and on the side of François Bayrou. A large center-right party, it still looks a lot like the ex-UDF. The support of Edouard Philipe makes no secret of it: the calendar which is theirs is also linked to what becomes of François Bayrou and the weight he retains “ in a new Macron five-year term.


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